Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App has officially launched. We have provided many opportunities to collect VRA tokens for users. Do you know Bizverse Social’s VRA tokens earning methods? Let’s find out right here in this article.

Reward Mechanism in Bizverse World Mobile App
Reward Mechanism in Bizverse World Mobile App

1. Bizverse Gift Game

Bizverse Gift Game is an AR game – a Virtual Reality game. This is a form of applying the Gamification mechanism to build and maintain the level of interaction between users and brands. The player’s task is to search and collect gifts from businesses on the system (gifts: Gift Cards, NFT, VRA, …).

2. Daily rewards

2.1. Checkin

Discover the VRA Earning Mechanism in Bizverse World Mobile App
Discover the VRA Earning Mechanism in Bizverse World Mobile App
  • This is where you can get your daily Bizverse rewards. Just open the app and choose to register for attendance and earn rewards according to daily rewards.
  • You will get 1 VRA for each check in per day.

2.2. Watch to earn

If it was previously, watching ads would make you uncomfortable, for Bizverse you absolutely earn VRA for watching this ad.

You will have 5 ads views per day, 1 VRA per view, which equates to up to 5 VRAs/day.

2.3. Connect to earn

By connecting and interacting with friends on Bizverse Social, users will earn VRA. Specifically:

  • Earn 1 VRA by commenting on any post
  • Earn 2 VRA by creating any post
  • Earn 0.5 VRA by reacting to any post

2.4. Share to earn

For sharing to earn VRA, you will receive VRA tokens in the following 2 formats:

  • Get VRA when you share any post on Bizverse Social
  • Get VRA for sharing valuable content to the community
  • You will get 2 VRA each share for both formats on.

2.5. Write to Earn 

Bizverse appreciates users sharing and spreading useful content to the community. Therefore, when you share any useful content on social networking platform, you will earn VRA.

Specifically, you will receive 2 VRAs for each article content.

3. Play to Earn

Bizverse provides users with diverse games with many different genres and features. Joining the Game Center of Bizverse World, users do not have relaxing moments with many attractive games and have the opportunity to earn a lot of VRA. With very easy withdrawal mechanism, ready to meet the gaming needs of users along with many attractive gifts from the system.

  • VRA Bonus for the first login into the system: Against the first successful registration when the user comes to Game Center, they will receive 100 VRA bonus from the system to play the game. This token bonus will be locked until they earn at least 600 VRA before withdrawal request can be made.
  • Affiliates: Each User will have an Affiliate Referral Game. For each user who visits this referral link to play the game, the inviter will get 10 VRA to the Game account.
  • The minimum amount of VRA placed for each bet is 1 VRA
  • The maximum amount of VRA placed per bet is 50 VRA
  • VRA volume set default to be 1 VRA
  • Minimum VRA shortened from the system is 600 VRA.

4. Other rewards

4.1. Affiliates

Each user has a unique Referral link. When you invite you to successfully register an account on Bizverse, you will receive 10 VRA.

4.2. Running

You can use the Running section to run for VRA to help you have more motivation to exercise, improve your daily health and have more opportunities to earn VRA.

  • Just select Running on your phone and the app will start calculating the mileage you run and convert them to VRA.
  • Rules: up to 10km/day will get 10 VRA

Above are the ways you can use to earn VRA in Bizverse World Beta version Mobile App. Bizverse will release many new features and recipes for other VRAs. Stay tuned in the near future.