Bizverse World Beta Version for mobile phone has just been released. The application is also integrated with many new VRA earning features that are only available on mobile devices. Have you tried the two new methods for earning VRA?

✅ Daily Rewards – Checkin to earn

There is a Check-in section on mobile devices. This is the section where you can get your daily Bizverse rewards. Simply open the app and select check-in to take attendance and earn rewards on a daily reward.

🎁 Daily checkin will receive 1 VRA.

✅ Running – run to earn

📌 In addition to the daily attendance, you can use the Running section to run and earn VRA to help you have more motivation to exercise, improve your health on a daily basis, and have more opportunities to earn VRA.

📌 Simply select Running on the phone, and the app will begin calculating the kilometers you run and converting them to VRA.

🎁 How to convert: maximum 10km/day will get 10 VRA

💥 Quickly try out the Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App and two new VRA earning features!

⚡️ To do the above you must quickly download the application now.

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2 ways to earn VRA only on Mobile App

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