👉 SDC is a software development centre under the University of Danang, established in 2000. SDC focuses on software research and development, consulting solutions of information technology for large enterprises in Vietnam and around the world. Currently, SDC is an official partner of Microsoft in Vietnam. 

👉 Along with developing software solutions, training is also a great strength of SDC. With the mission of regularly updating and providing high-quality training programs, in 2014, SDC established Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA). It can be said that SDC is the most prestigious IT – Programming – Graphic Design – Digital Marketing training and development unit in Da Nang and the Central Region. Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA) creates a professional environment for learners to acquire knowledge and hone skills. In 2019, the center became the authorized testing unit of Person Vue in the Central region. Recently, Partner of LPI and AWS leading technology firms in the world.

👉 Software development centre (SDC) is very interested in modern technology trends in the world. Especially the combination and application of technology in training. As soon as Metaverse became a global craze, SDC saw a great connection between these two fields. Therefore, SDC has cooperated with Bizverse, the Metaverse platform to bring education solutions to the virtual space.

👉 In this partnership, SDC will bring MSITA courses to the Metaverse world of Bizverse. The application of Bizverse Meet features, 360 Space will help learners have completely new learning experiences like never before. SDC will become one of the prestigious addresses providing quality human resources to join Bizverse’s team in the future.

👉 Bizverse is very honored to cooperate with SDC. Bizverse and SDC will be two pioneers in the application of Metaverse technology in the field of training in Vietnam. Bizverse is committed to making efforts to perform its role, making the most of its strengths to work with SDC to improve training efficiency and create a high-quality human resource.

SDC cooperates with Bizverse to bring the training field to Metaverse
SDC cooperates with Bizverse to bring the training field to Metaverse