The impact of Covid-19 has led to the tremendous growth of the contactless economy. Consumers increasingly love online shopping because of its convenience, speed, and safety. At the same time, this pandemic also makes technology trends such as Blockchain, Crypto, web 3.0, AI, data analysis, … especially the keyword Metaverse, more interested than ever. So, what will a Metaverse be formed in combination with the contactless economy and how will it solve today’s business problems? Let’s explore BIZVERSEMetaverse for Business to help businesses solve urgent but long-term problems.

1. Fashion Business

1.1. Exciting shopping experience with VR360 Space

One of the biggest downsides of online fashion shopping is the lack of an authentic experience. Viewers can only view and purchase goods through the 2D display. In some cases, this leads to customers being unsatisfied with the product they receive.

Therefore, to increase the most authentic experience when shopping online, BIZVERSE has used VR360 Space technology to recreate the real space. With just one click to select a location on the 3D map, the user has arrived at his favorite fashion store on BIZVERSE. Here, everything from the space, design, stalls is like a physical store, giving an extremely authentic feeling. Users can search, view full product details such as price, material or preview the product. Thereby helping viewers make more objective and accurate purchasing decisions.

Exciting shopping experience with 360 space
Exciting shopping experience with 360 space

To perform operations, viewers can use devices such as phones, computers, Ipads… Besides, the use of VR glasses will help viewers interact and fully immerse themselves in space 3D with 360 Space, bringing new and exciting shopping experiences like never before.

1.2. Peace of mind when shopping on BIZVERSE

Every product on BIZVERSE is encoded as NFT, ensuring each product is unique and irreplaceable. Information transactions are transparently stored and publicly available to help users identify the owner transparently. As a result, customers can rest assured when shopping because the quality of the product is always guaranteed. Buying fake and poor-quality products will not be a problem for users with headaches.

2. Real Estate Business on BIZVERSE

The virtual real estate business is currently a global craze. In BIZVERSE, the lands will be planned based on the actual context of each country. Famous landmarks and buildings in the real world will be kept on the 3D map of BIZVERSE. In this virtual world where investors can buy land. Further, they can build on these lands vrMall/vrExpo which are busy commercial centers, conference centers or hotels… to carry out business activities.

Bizverse Real Estate
Bizverse Real Estate

BIZVERSE opens up a potential, fair and transparent digital land investment market. Real estate business on BIZVERSE will be the direction that brings the most business benefits, especially for businesses that join early.

3. Tourist activities

It has been 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic took place. The tourism industry was almost completely paralyzed when most flights and tourist attractions had to close. In that context, tourism 4.0 becomes the inevitable solution. Along with the maximum support of technology, virtual reality tourism is increasingly popular and brings many interesting experiences.

3.1. The travel space is realistically reproduced by VR360 technology

BIZVERSE uses VR360 technology to completely recreate real space. Users instead of having to scroll through google maps or computer screens, televisions will now be completely immersed, experiencing a lifelike feeling at the destination they like with the support of devices such as VR glasses.

Bizverse for Tourism
Bizverse for Tourism

3.2. Travel anywhere with just one click

BIZVERSE’s 3D digital map is built based on real-world location. Wherever you are, with just one click, visitors can easily visit any tourist destination. Experience virtual travel on BIZVERSE, you will not need to wait for hours at the airport, or go through a long trip, just a few simple steps and you will be immersed in the space of the street festival. a vibrant city in Brazil, or immerse yourself in the clear blue water at Da Nang beach.

Not only for sightseeing, but BIZVERSE also provides a lot of information about landmarks to help users gain more knowledge about culture and history.

4. Business through building vrMall/vrExpo

Once they own land in BIZVERSE, investors can build vrMall/vrExpo under their ownership, then exploit, sell and rent. Businesses can buy/rent vrStore/vrBooth at vrMall/vr Expo to display and introduce products. Not stopping there, they can also hire vrBanner/vrPano to place ads at shopping malls, at events, or at vrMall’s booths. This helps to increase the touchpoint between businesses and customers, thereby expanding access and increasing sales. Users can visit the booth, order and pay. Products will be delivered to customers in the real world.

Bizverse Expo
Bizverse Expo

The applications of Metaverse for business are limitless. With the mission to bring business activities to the network environment, digitally transform the economy and solve current problems. We are in the process of perfecting day by day to launch soon. At that time, BIZVERSE will create a big boom. Let’s follow the development of BIZVERSE shortly.