What will it be like to work in a virtual reality office 360 ​​Space Bizverse?

Work from home is no longer a trend but an inevitable one in the post-Covid-19 context when workers are afraid of going back to work, and businesses have difficulty in finding human resources.

But if you are tired of working remotely with a 2D screen, let’s experience the virtual reality office at 360 Space Bizverse.

In addition to the basic features of meeting room applications such as zoom or google meet, the 360 ​​Space Bizverse virtual reality meeting room stands out with new experiences with smart devices (phone, laptop, iPad, VR glasses,…)

✔️Virtual space – real feeling: you can make yourself a 3D avatar by posting a picture of yourself. This is you in the virtual world, meeting colleagues, participating in meetings, and taking pictures together.

✔️Really detailed: sharp graphics, even when you talk, your avatar’s mouth blinks.

✔️Endless inspiration: you can choose from different virtual reality meeting rooms with many concepts such as exhibitions, meeting rooms, outdoor spaces, photography studios, games, music, fashion,… with just 1 click.

✔️Show 3D items: if you are a freelancer or a biology teacher, this is a great feature when you can control rotation, “dissect”, “slit”, analyze items, .. present ideas.

Not only stopping at the virtual reality meeting room, but 360 Space Bizverse also promises to bring many interesting things to increase the experience – a surreal feeling in the virtual world.

Let’s wait for the official launch of Bizverse World to experience 360 ​​Space!

See more at: https://bizverse.io


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