What is VR360 space?

If you read through the Bizverse project, everyone has seen that Bizverse has mentioned a lot about using VR / AR technology to build VR360 space. The use of VR360 space in the project will help people digitally transform in all business fields to promote strong development and scale expansion in the future. So how does VR360 in the metaverse world of Bizverse apply?

VR360 space is a place to help users interact directly with 360° photos (select location, choose viewing angle, zoom in, zoom out, view related information…), then viewers will have a feeling. as being at the place shown in the image, space. This has created 360-degree panoramic photos and linked them together to form a 360-degree virtual tour, helping viewers easily visualize the space and scene in the most intuitive and vivid way.

Using VR/AR technology to build VR360 space brings great advantages in many fields, outstanding efficiency in the user experience of enterprise products. With just one click or simply a light touch on the phone screen, customers anywhere can easily step into the project space, discover products and services of the business.

VR360 Space in BIZVERSE

To catch up with the trend, BIZVERSE uses a 3D modeling system that combines VR360 space to create pre-built vrMall/vrExpo on planned vrLands. BIZVERSE’s partner VR360 – Digital Transformation Solutions has had outstanding applications for VR360 application products. Helping customers experience shopping in the virtual 3D space of showrooms of furniture, fashion, real estate, resorts, hotels, etc. with VR (Virtual Reality) technology to be able to access and visit the shops from afar. sample room as well as product display space.

ShowroomToto VR360

Hotel VR360

One touch to Danang

Bizverse brings a multi-dimensional space with a realistic feel, sharp 360-degree images that are lifelike, pleasing to the eye as well as promoting the desire to explore the Metaverse space of users.

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with a fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.
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