BIZVERSE – The Metaverse for Business

BIZVERSE – The Metaverse for Business world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life. BIZVERSE aims to build a metaverse for business activities, where all users can easily bring their business activities to the network environment, conduct the comprehensive digital transformation of business operations, increase outstanding efficiency with the maximum support of technologies.

What does BIZVERSE have?

3D & Vr360 Space and Tours

Being stores, galleries or wall-mounted billboards presented as 3D models combined with VR360 placed in locations in virtual commercial centers, virtual exhibitions are presented in the above section. Advertising billboards are the places where major brands register to promote their products in the real world, businesses in BIZVERSE also hire advertising billboards in the lobby to attract customers to visit the store to increase your reach to potential customers.

3D & 360 Space in BIZVERSE

The World 3D Map

The World 3D Map is being built on real Earth data, it will include all countries and regions, major cities, and famous shopping centers of the world. Being a place for users to freely choose the location to build their virtual reality commercial centers or organize large virtual reality events: Trade shows, a sales fair or even a game arena and a concert program.

The World 3D Map ib BIZVERSE


In BIZVERSE, lands will be planned based on the realistic context of each nation. The lands belong to the cultural sites, famous architectural works in the real world will be preserved in the virtual world, especially the locations will be built trade centers, convention and exhibition centers to serve the business in BIZVERSE world vrLand will be sold/leased along with the works attached on the land.
vrLand in BIZVERSE


VrHome will contain an important parameter, it shows the follower of other users and this number of followers will determine many investment benefits of the owner in the future such as: Enough reputation to establish new vrMall with the lowest cost, organizing large events, buying and establishing community spaces to exploit and create value.

VrHome – Being a house that is free distribution for each BizMem


A commercial center is a place that includes many stores ready to sell or rent, serving businesses to put their products and services up to introduce to consumers
vrMalls are NFT assets that users can purchase to own or transfer to others based on a market value adjustment (the initial value set by the system is based on the value of real estate in the real world where the Mall is located). Many vrMalls will help form a vrCity, and many vrCities will form a vrCountry, BizMems representing vrCity, vrCountry will have the power to vote DAO activity for many major activities of BIZVERSE.
VrMall – A commercial center in BIZVERSE


Businesses are entitled to hire a vrExpo to organize their exhibition events, and invite other businesses to rent booths to display or sell products. The purpose of vrExpo is to serve individuals and businesses to sell and introduce products according to events and not to carry out regular business like vrMall, in addition to selling and introducing products, vrExpo is also applied to organize OpenDay, JobDay, art exhibitions or trade promotion events, tourism, stimulus events…The number of vrExpo to be released is based on the list of world famous events and exhibitions for various fields. The vrExpo is born based on real life events, and users of the system can request the system to organize based on the petition function.

VrExpo – Being famous exhibition events

VrGameCenter & VrCinema

It is a place that includes entertainment activities. Especially, the activities here are all rewarded with VRA Token, you can use VRA Token for other activities such as shopping.

VrGameCenter & VrCinema

NFT Market Place

In the world of BIZVERSE, users are allowed to be creative, the system will allow users to participate in creating their own digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens NFT. These NFTs will then be exchanged, transferred at Marketplace or at their own showroom in shopping centers. At that time, even players can easily make profits from the NFT they have created.

NFT Market Place


Joining the BIZVERSE world, BizMems has many opportunities to earn VRA (token in BIZVERSE) and earn income in many ways, specifically as follows:
  • Play to Earn: Play games and get rewards
  • Watch to Earn: Watch ads and get rewards
  • Build to Earn: Build, contribute and get rewards
  • Shopping to Earn: Shop and get rewards
  • Other to Earn: Other forms of earning
Based on the amount of VRA obtained, BizMems can be swapped through BIVE to sell on exchanges, or accumulate to build their own assets on BIZVERSE.
Earn Wallet – Earn money from activities like shopping, watching ads, playing games, …

BIZVERSE’s mission is to connect and help businesses digital transformation. Digital transformation transcends traditional roles such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Instead, digital transformation begins and ends with the way you think and attract your customers differently. As businesses move from paper to spreadsheets to smart apps to manage their businesses, they have the opportunities to reform how they do business – how they attract their customers – with digital technology on the enterprise’s side. For small businesses just starting out, they do not need to set up their business processes and it will be a plan to transform them later.

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.
Build – Shopping – Watch – Connect – Share – Play – Earn … with BIZVERSE WORLD
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