BIZVERSE is conceptualized almost like the development of the digital society and digital economy of the world according to the comprehensive digital transformation model (Digital Transformation) in the period of Industry 4.0 taking place very strongly all over the world starting from the digitization period (Digitization) to the goal of building a virtual super universe (Metaverse) is being shaped.

1. DIGITIZATION IN BIZVERSE (Digitizing information and technology)

Digitization (digitizing information and technology): The first version of metaverse BIZVERSE named Digitization, this is the process of converting analog information from real-world to digital one. This can be called the computerization step, which is a component of the digital transformation process. The first phase was released in August 2021 and it covers Mall and Expo area representing the ownership of digital assets on a 3D map set in the context of trade centers, trade fairs, exhibitions, and product introductions in countries around the world. With the achieved results of the Digitization stage, users will easily create trade centers, exhibitions, and virtual booths on computers to participate in the trade connection processes easily the most.

Digitizing information and technololy
360 Space Meeting Room

2. DIGITALIZATION (Digitizing business process)

Digitalization (digitizing business process): The next stage has been developed in October 2021 and is named Digitalization, which is the higher level of Digitization. The team has added a 3D and VR360 world with the plots of which have been built Trade Centers (Malls) or organize Expo events (EXPO) at exhibition centers, retail customers can buy or rent booths and display booths to bring their business activities to the virtual environment through 3D technology and VR360. Simultaneously, the development team has also successfully built a social networking platform connecting trade between all components in the digital economy.

Digitalization - digitizing business process in BIZVERSE
Digitalization – digitizing business process

3. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (Digital transformation of business activities)

Digital Transformation (digital transformation of business activities): Changing the way of business is done and in some cases, it creates completely new layers of businesses, uses the full advantages of the convenience of technologies to radically innovate business operations. Businesses can change their processes by the way of better decision making, more efficiency, better customer experience with more personalization. It is expected that this phase will be completed and officially released in December 2021, BIZVERSE with a virtual reality platform that gives users the opportunities to deploy their business in the world of Metaverse creating the possibility of making money even beyond imagination. In this stage, BIZVERSE will officially integrate BIVE and VRA tokens, put them to the test in the community, get ready for a new breakthrough, create a comprehensive business environment of 1 digital economy on the metaverse using a combination of the world VR360, social network, digital financial system DEFI and NFT.

Vr360 Fair - Digital transformation of business activities
Vr360 Fair – Digital transformation of business activities

4. DIGITAL TWIN (Making digital copy)

Digital Twin (making digital copy): This phase inherits the results of the previous stages, integrating the entire system to create a digital twin ecosystem for the operation of an economy in a virtual universe, allowing users in many different users can role-play to participate in the virtual world to carry out their business, trade, and purchase activities. This phase will be officially released in February 2022, officially put into operation, allowing users to generate profits from activities on BIZVERSE. 3D virtual world and VR360 with VR glasses combined with social networks allow all communication to be very simple. The exchange business is easily conducted through the decentralized financial system DEFI, bringing many outstanding features to all types of users.

DIGITAL TWIN - Making digital copy
Fashion shop on BIZVERSE

5. METAVERSE (forming a virtual super universe for business)

Metaverse (forming a virtual super universe for business): Building a complete 3D Avatar system for members participating in the exhibitions. Adding the concept that Profile is the avatar of the players in the Metaverse virtual space where players can link their personal information, even their social media. During this phase of the project, BIZVERSE will complete the business ecosystem in the virtual reality world. Building a 3D role-playing mechanism for each user with their own 3D model and avatar for users to travel, meet, interact and work together on the virtual system. Simultaneously, BIZVERSE will integrate a DEX that allows users to freely trade their products, allowing real products to be traded in BIVE. BIZVERSE will build and publicize a private Blockchain Network, to serve the community of BIZVERSE.

Metaverse forming a virtual super universe for business
The Lab Center in Bizverse City

BIZVERSE aims to build a virtual reality environment, a real metaverse for business activities, where all users can easily bring their business activities to the network environment, conduct the comprehensive digital transformation of business operations, increase outstanding efficiency with the maximum support of technologies. Since BIZVERSE is built on the metaverse version of the digital transformation of business operations, so the project will have the following stages: digitization, digitalization, digital transformation, digital twin, metaverse.