Digital transformation in the 4.0 era

Digital Transformation is one of the top concerns of businesses, playing an important role in the industrial revolution 4.0. In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic has been a catalyst to make the wave of digital transformation in enterprises happen stronger than ever. Enterprises have actively and actively found new directions, applied digital transformation in business operations to be able to maintain maximum production and business activities.

The Transformation helps to change management thinking, provide information and data quickly, improve customer experience, and increase competitiveness for businesses. The trend of digital transformation is taking place every day, every hour around the world in order to develop business and bring good quality of services and products to users.

BIZVERSE Digital Transformation for businesses

Bizverse applies technology platforms to help businesses transform digitally in many fields.

If you are a business person in the real world, in Bizverse World your business will be present on the 3D map (3D map is built on the real world map).

Bizverse’s team will use AR/VR technology to build a VR360 space for your project, giving you a business showroom on Bizverse. The digital transformation from a traditional business model to a digital one by applying new technology to change the way of operating, leading and working process.

Coming to Bizverse, users will experience Bizverse Social where they can connect, share, and earn money. That will attract users to Bizverse, creating more opportunities to reach users to your business. Besides Bizverse Social, the vr360 space for users to hold meetings with their own 3D character images.

3D characters can visit the vr360 Space, shopping, receive rewards at your own store/showroom on Bizverse. The option to pay directly to customers on Bizverse is your choice.

Bizverse always brings the latest and most modern technologies to help with the digital transformation of businesses.

Therefore, any user no matter where they are when participating in Bizverse can easily shop your products.

Bizverse’s digital transformation solution provides an opportunity for users to deploy their business in the Metaverse world, creating the possibility of making money even beyond imagination.

How does Bizverse Digital Transformation for businesses?


BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.
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