Businesses can take advantage of the technology infrastructure with the Bizverse Gift Game, which is available on Bizverse’s ecosystem. It is a highly experiential VR game that captures users’ attention and is effective in communication.

What is Bizverse gift game?
What is Bizverse gift game?

1. What is the Bizverse Gift Game?

The Bizverse Gift Game is an augmented virtual reality game. The player’s goal is to go about the system in search of and collect rewards from businesses (diverse gifts: Gift Cards, NFT, VRA,…). The Bizverse Gift Game is also a type of Gamification method that is used to increase and retain user-brand interaction. Participants will be ecstatic to receive a prize for their accomplishment and effort, whether it is as simple as a pair of socks, a coupon, or anything else.

2. Business Benefits of Bizverse Gift Game Brand Communication

2.1. Increase interest and interaction with users

Increase interest and interaction with users
Increase interest and interaction with users

Customers are bored with a series of sales articles with the same content, a lack of inventiveness, the difficulty of attracting customers during peak seasons, the difficulty collecting customer data, and the difficulty of remarketing clients that are willing to participate.

Instead of gazing at light sales commercials, customers now have the option to receive gifts, purchase discounts, etc. They will join and interact with businesses, share it with their friends and family physique and use it regularly.

Customers will become familiar with a brand if they interact with Bizverse Gift Games created by businesses on Bizverse Social for a long time. Because of this sensation of connection, customers will most likely choose your brand when they need to buy. In short, brand loyalty will improve whether the game campaign is short-term or long-term.

2.2. Increase brand loyalty

The skillful use of the mechanics of a Bizverse Gift Game, such as the system of tasks, luck, progression, achievements, and so on, will help customers feel interested, attract, and encourage participation, thereby assisting the company’s brand to be engraved in the customer’s mind, building trust and loyalty from customers to the business.

2.3. When available in Bizverse’s ecosystem, it’s simple and inexpensive to execute

Businesses may take advantage of technology infrastructure, with VR games with high experience, for a fraction of the expense of TV advertising, renting Kol, and so on, by using Bizverse Gift Game, which is available on Bizverse’s ecosystem to generate user interest, poor customer attraction, save a lot of marketing expenditures for businesses This type of marketing can be fully implemented by any little or medium-sized business or individual. Make your company noticed and acquire customers quickly and efficiently.

There are numerous more advantages, such as increased conversion rates and a significant contribution to firms’ marketing activity on Meta Economy.

3. Types of rewards available in Bizverse Gift Game

Businesses can be more versatile in terms of selecting procedures and rewards in order to attract and increase acceptable customer interactions. Business owners can develop a Bizverse Gift Game with appealing presents that firms register to increase for their target clients in only a few simple steps.

Customers who wish to receive gifts must check-in and proceed to the gift distribution location shown on the map. The incentive will be a Gift Card that users may use for purchases and sales (e.g., voucher, coupon,…) Choose a gift card template from the system and fill in the details. Businesses can also add VRA, NFT, etc., to their Bizverse Gift Game card as an option.

Bizverse created Bizverse Gift Game, intending to provide people with unique experiences. This virtual reality game isn’t only for fun; it also serves as a means of communication for businesses looking to raise brand awareness, waiting for the Bizverse Gift Game to become a value-creation instrument for businesses while receiving attractive gifts in the process.