The keyword “Metaverse” is once again stirring up the crypto market

Recently, on Binance’s Twitter page, the status line “See you in the metaverse” has been updated, making crypto investors hunt for metaverse projects more because:

  • At the heart of the metaverse concept is the idea of a real-time accessible and interactive 3D world that will become a transformative vehicle for social and business engagement
  • Metaverse is predicted to open the trend of a contactless economy, where all materials and assets can be bought and sold and converted into market value without being limited by language or geography.

The difference of the project “BIZVERSE – The Metaverse for Business” compared to similar projects:

  • SocialFi – Social Network for Business: connecting all user objects in the virtual universe, being an environment for them to connect, exchange and share.
  • The World 3D Map: being built on real Earth data, it will include all countries and regions, major cities, and famous shopping centers of the world.
  • 3D & Vr360: system of 3D models combining vr360 Space being commercial centers and event centers are built in busy central lands on the Earth.
  • Blockchain: tokens, NFT, NFT Marketplace, DEFI, DAO,…
  • Earn: place to earn, watch to earn, build to earn, shopping to earn,…

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Shop, travel, study, entertain, do business… around the world with just 1 touch with The World 3D Map in Bizverse:

One day, you don’t need to switch back and forth between apps like Facebook, Google… to manipulate social networks or search maps, or buy and sell e-commerce, now it’s all integrated in Bizverse World

  • BIZVERSE World 3D Map is available on both web and mobile apps, users can search for places and routes like a normal map. The difference is that, if you click on a shopping mall, you will experience and shop in 3D space built with Vr360 technology, down to the smallest detail and even consulted. directly by real employees through their 3D avatars.
  • You can also travel on the metaverse with a friend far away. The World 3D Map will help you have new experiences such as panoramic views of the beautiful Hawaiian beach, the real feeling of paragliding in the sky looking down. Or tap on the map to go to an exhibition of paintings, movies, music concerts, etc. the connection makes you more excited.

3D Map + Social Network + Marketplace = All in one

  • In addition to basic features such as displaying login information, the interface of Map 3D updates daily news from BIZVERSE about the financial market, newsfeed,… along with money-making utilities such as “click here” watch ads to get tokens” or “play games to get tokens”…
  • Users can interact in virtual reality, becoming “all in one platform” a metaverse world that allows users to own, create and monetize digital assets in freely, not bound by physical factors, easy to manipulate, work directly as in real world conditions

BIZVERSE builds a foundation for AR based on the 3D Map of the world, a future where the real world is covered with digital creations, entertainment and information, making it magical, fun and more potential, making it easier for users to manipulate, find information, and experience as if they were in real-world conditions.

BIZVERSE brings the value of bringing Business to Metaverse when combining a social networking platform and digital economic models applying Blockchain technology such as DEFI, NFT, E-commerce… to build a digital ecosystem. Dual digital with a decentralized economy where everyone is equal, free, transparent and secure.

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.
Build – Shopping – Watch – Connect – Share – Play – Earn … with BIZVERSE WORLD
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