Since the outbreak of the epidemic, businesses around the world are rapidly transforming to adapt. The trend of the contactless economy and the development of technology has pushed the Vr Show to become the future trend of events.

1. VR Show is the solution for your business

VR Show – a digital product designed to help people or groups of people interact in the most intuitive way and as close as possible to standing on a real stage. Every little detail from sound, lighting, effects, and illustrations supported by advanced technology is magical to bring the most authentic and engaging audiovisual experience to viewers.

VR Show - new generation

VR Show can be used at any event, for example, in product launches, training, and mentoring events, honorary programs, awards ceremonies, talks, and sharing. experience… To meet the purpose of conveying the message to the viewer, the combination of real and virtual content images needs to be delicate and rhythmic together. The VR Show has upgraded and opened a new era for the event field. This technology will be applied to stage design, sound, light, space, games, creating a multi-dimensional space for the event. State-of-the-art sound and light equipment can easily meet the production needs of high-quality events and entertainment programs. On the other hand, there are also many effects that cannot be filmed in reality.

2. Advantages are appreciated in the VR Show

2.1 Optimizing space and time

Traditional events will be limited in size, cost, and venue. But with the VR Show, all physical limitations are completely broken, unleashing creative ideas like never before, thereby creating epic, top-notch infinity stages and satisfying all complex requirements. Best. Ensure the progress of the program implementation throughout.

2.2 Make the seemingly impossible possible

Overcoming many limitations that the real context cannot meet in the script requirements such as geography, history, weather, religion, politics… Or the techniques of shooting in space, historical images or at the bottom of the sea, objects such as the universe, planets, ships, streets,… seem impossible to appear in traditional offline events. These things that used to be very expensive or difficult to do in reality such as giant stages, constantly moving spaces with magical techniques, and unique and vivid decorations… can now be realized. With the stage, the virtual studio also makes post-production easier because the virtual context really matches the idea of ​​the script. With professional virtual reality techniques, the visual effects will become more transformative and vivid than ever before, bringing a voyeuristic experience to the audience watching the show.

Virtual stage is the solution for your business

2.3 Significant cost reduction

With a VR Show, it will reduce the cost burden for us when launching products or during sessions, programs and events. Maximize cost savings in recording and filming sessions, in addition to minimizing costs and human resources: no need to have a lot of manpower to coordinate, set up events, a lot of travel time and costs higher. For the VR Show, there is a combination of reality and virtual space based on computer operations.

2.4 No limit on the number of participants

Different from the usual traditional events that are limited by space. With a VR Show, as long as there is an internet connection and a connected device, the number of spectators can be up to tens of thousands of people without limitation.

Virtual stage - future trend of event organization

2.5 Attracting the audience

Easily convey messages to become more intuitive and diverse, enhance the image of the program and brand, Create technology colors and impressions, bring unique elements to attract customers to the program, create professionalism for the event, satisfy the creativity of the organizers

2.6 Breaking All Limits

Not affected by external factors such as weather, time, terrain… The VR Show has no limit, its limit is just an idea. The audience can even interact with the artist in each performance, something that traditional entertainment events cannot do. This is a better opportunity than ever to connect with your audience when everyone is ONLINE.

Virtual stage

Bizverse develops VR Show that will be introduced to the community in the near future with the desire to bring the audience to experience and enjoy unique programs, with unique and flexible special effects, creating unique experiences. more impressive experience than ever. At any end, they can appear on the same stage thanks to the superiority of the “VR Show – new generation”. This will be an impressive experience for the audience watching through the small screen. Let’s look forward to Bizverse’s VR Show!