Virtual Stage is an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that allows you to quickly create a variety of virtual scenarios, allowing you to transport presenters and speakers to as many virtual stages as you can dream.

1. What is Virtual Stage?

In the last two years, the comeback event has grown in popularity. The Metaverse has altered the appearance of both virtual events and entertainment in general. Participants use 3D avatars to role-play in the virtual world, and they feel as if they are meeting face-to-face at the event.
A virtual stage is a place where attendees access all of your content, interact, communicate, and view event-related info.

Organize high-impact digital events with an immersive experience that can be totally customized to your brand while remaining unaffected by the physical environment’s limits.

2. Top 6 benefits of Virtual Stage for Business

2.1 Optimizing space and time

Traditional events will be limited in size, cost and venue. But with the virtual stage, all physical limitations are completely broken, unleashing creative ideas like never before. Ensure the progress of the program implementation throughout.

VR AR MR XR technology

2.2 Make the seemingly impossible possible

Make the seemingly impossible possible
Overcoming many limitations that the real context cannot meet in the script requirements such as geography, history, weather, religion, politics … Or the techniques of shooting in space, historical images , objects such as the universe, streets,… seem impossible to appear in traditional offline events normally.

2.3 Significant cost reduction

With a virtual stage, it will reduce the burden of costs for businesses when launching products or during sessions, programs and events. Maximize cost savings in recording sessions, filming, in addition to minimizing costs and manpower. For the virtual stage, there is a combination of reality and virtual space based on computer operations.

2.4 Unlimited number of participants

Different from the usual traditional events that are limited by space. With a virtual stage, as long as there is an internet connection and a connected device, the number of viewers can be up to tens of thousands of people without limitation.

2.5 Attract audience

Easily convey messages to become more intuitive and diverse, enhance the image of the program and brand, Create technology colors and impressions, bring unique elements to attract customers to the program, create professionalism for the event, satisfy the creativity of the organizers.

2.6 Break all limits

Not affected by external factors such as weather, time, terrain… Virtual stage has no limit, its limit is just an idea. The audience can even interact with the artist in each performance, something that traditional entertainment events cannot do. This is a better opportunity than ever to connect with your audience, when everyone is ONLINE.

In addition to the above basic benefits, the virtual stage also has other benefits such as:

  • Organize events with a 3D virtual stage that completely eliminates the effects of the weather. Whether it’s sunny, heavy rain or stormy weather, it won’t affect the progress of the online event. Meanwhile, when organizing an event with an outdoor stage, the weather factor is what people are most concerned about.
  • Using 3D virtual stage helps us to save the most cost and time to set up the stage as usual. Besides, we also do not need to mobilize a large staff. This saves a lot of budget when organizing events. But that does not mean that the image quality is reduced.
  • Now, post-production is easier than ever, thanks to the virtual stage. Because with the green background, you can freely choose the appropriate context for the program, ensuring it is beautiful and lively. As for normal events, the post-processing stage is very complicated and time-consuming.
  • Sometimes the outside stage does not meet the requirements of the event because of factors such as geography, history, weather, politics, religion, etc., then investing in such a stage is both expensive and affordable. inefficient. When using a 3D virtual stage, there are more options. Even the context of outer space, the seabed… can also be met.
  • Event organizers also quickly update online event technology with 3D virtual stage. That’s why when you want to organize an event with a virtual stage, you don’t need to worry. Just choose a professional event organizer that will support you from A to Z.
  • Audiences now also prefer online events. Because you can sit at home or anywhere, you can participate in the event. This helps limit the possibility of disease spreading as well as saving time and effort. Let’s organize an online event with a virtual stage to attract more attendees!
  • Organizing events with a 3D virtual stage also helps to minimize mistakes when taking place. If there is a problem, it can be easily handled. If you want the event to go smoothly, with as little risk as possible, the 3D stage is a more appropriate choice.

Above are the top 6 benefits that virtual theater brings to businesses, hope this article brings useful information to you.