Phase 1: Foundation on a Dream World

On a smaller scale of thought, people will be very curious about what will be brought about upcoming trends, how their lives are going to be, what will happen with the world, and how the modern world is changing in the decade of Digital Transformation. The information age is accelerating technology at an unprecedented speed, and in a sudden ray of hope, Metaverse comes, mirrors, and explores all human beings’ daily lives, bringing them into their digital universe. 

Bizverse was founded in the era of Metaverse with the hope to help people globally reach, interact, connect to each other, and quickly determine how human beings’ futures become non-fiction. Bizverse will be the world for people, businesses, and their digital representatives to come together. 

For this early stage of bringing Bizverse into a strong, familiar, creative, and connecting Open Ecosystem, we believe that approaching Metaverse correctly from an early stage is preeminent to its success long term. 

Bizverse will have 2 connecting worlds: Bizverse City World, where all the hubs of various industrial businesses, entertainment, and more to come will be in & Real-World Map, which is reflecting the same location, planned lands by Bizverse.

This phase will emphasize on the formation of the creation of Lands, mirroring the World & a hub of socialization, businesses, entertainment, hospitality,… and more. People will have their first look at some features of Bizverse forming and shaping, and enjoy & claim their first exclusive VrLands!

Phase 2: A Dream World

Phase 2 will still follow the activities of phase 1 with tons of lands of all locations in the world to be available to reach/be purchased. 

Moreover, in phase 2, when the formation of the Virtual Reality World is clarified and shaped, we will take the next steps into the meaning of “Digital Twin”. How will our World be centralized to deliver our concept of a Dream World to all users & businesses? 

Adventurers in Bizverse will pace their foot into real experience in virtual world, more social activities to engage, design their house, allocate themselves with earning digital ownership of VrLands, NFT estates, assets, doing real branding activities for individuals, businesses – mirroring in virtual world, and especially, DAO Metaverse is coming with Bizverse ecosystem, where it uniquely serves the world for virtual lands & auctions in the future of Bizverse. 

Spoiling some surprises for users that they can feel excited about is that Bizverse is generating some random resources of nature, It will involve the ability for Virtual Lands to begin generating different types of GEM Essentials that will be vital for upgrading users’ estates otherwise they could be generated by users for economic purpose.

 This phase will emphasize on the innovation of the development of Lands, growing & diversifying the definition of “Dream World”. Users engagement will be the main hub of Bizverse to deploy, broaden the ecosystem of Bizverse. More to come!!!

We will update in the near future. Stay tuned and follow up with Bizverse’s social media to update the latest news from our team!