BIZVERSE will help form a autonomous digital society under the mechanism of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Decentralized autonomous organization, built on rules and machine code along with software programs developed on Blockchain technology, which are operated automatically and completely remove the central management authority, in order to create a structure with decentralized control.

1. BizMem in BIZVERSE

Representing the most basic users of the system, after successfully registering as a member of BIZVERSE, users will officially have rights access to the functions of sightseeing, shopping, and networking at vrMall/vrExpo, they can purchase in the real world, receive promotions and discounts, and use actual services…at vrBooth/vrStore.

BizMem in Bizverse

BizMems after successful KYC will be freely issued 01 vrHome at the location of the house that person actually owns in the real world, the information about the house is public or not depend on BizMem to ensure privacy. This vrHome is allowed to create a 1:n link to his vrStore/vrBooth at vrMall or vrExpo (if available).
Immediately after becoming a member of BIZVERSE, you will be called BizMem – the most basic member of the system with many attractive benefits. Firstly, you will choose your 3D avatar in the BIZVERSE world, this is the your personal Digital Twin, that will be your personal copy wherever you appear. (We integrate the service of readyplayer).

2. BizPro in BIZVERSE

Being members who come from the role of BizMem, but they will become entrepreneurs on the BIZVERSE platform through buying/renting vrStore/vrBooth/vrPano/vrBanner/vrHall to put products and services on display and introduced to customers. 

BizPro in Bizverse
BizPro in Bizverse

In addition to using the optimal utilities that BIZVERSE provides to increase efficiency in reaching customers and increasing sales, BizPro members can also earn money by attracting users to visit and purchase at his store, transfer or lease of owned properties to generate revenue. Bizpros hold many vrStores/vrBooths have the privilege to participate in buying or auction to buy with vrMalls and vrExpos at the lowest prices in new planning areas.

3. BizBoss in BIZVERSE

Being members who come from the role of BizMem, but they will become big entrepreneurs, big bosses via real estate investment on BIZVERSE such as buying/renting and building vrLands, vrMalls/vrExpos, then they organize business activities, leasing/selling vrStores/vrBooths/vrPanos/vrBanners/vrHalls.

BizBoss in Bizverse
BizBoss in Bizverse

In addition to the profit from investing in vrMall and vrExpo, BizBoss can also generate additional revenue from the activities of attracting people to visit and purchase at the vrMalls and vrExpos they own or use. BizBoss holding many vrMalls in an area (holding more than 70% of vrMalls in the total supply of vrMall of that city) will have many chances to become a Mayor of the city vrCity with a lot of voting rights in the DAO. At a higher level, BizBoss holding more than 60% of cities in total supply in a country will become a President of that country on BIZVERSE with many rights when voting policy decisions BIZVERSE in the future.

BIZVERSE focuses on building a virtual reality world, a metaverse being exclusively for the business sector, with the core of a digital economy operating in the trend of a contactless (or low-contact). In BIZVERSE, there are users with equal roles in a common community, depending on the token ownership process and user’s investment decision, it will determine the activities and rights that the user is allowed.