The explosion of Metaverse that is not limited to physical space has made many companies want to invest and participate. The world’s technology giants such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft,… are all on the track to build their Metaverse. BIZVERSE is one of the first Metaverse for Business projects with the motto of pursuing sustainable and long-term development. BIZVERSE focuses on the SocialFi model, where every user’s activity can be monetized. This will make a difference and sustainable development. Let’s explore how to Earn on BIZVERSE’s SocialFi?

Earn on BIZVERSE's SocialFi
Earn on BIZVERSE’s SocialFi

1. Ways to Earn on SocialFi

Joining the world of BIZVERSE, BizMems has many opportunities to earn VRA (token in BIZVERSE) and earn income in many ways, specifically as follows:

1.1. Interact to Earn

Interact to Earn
Interact to Earn

1.1.1. Like, comment, share

Like, comment, react are things we often do when using social networks. In BIZVERSE, when BizMems use social networks and interact with friends, VRA coins will be earned. Specifically:

  • Earn 1 VRA by commenting on any post
  • Earn 2 VRA by creating new post
  • Earn 0.5 VRA by reacting on any post

Amount of VRA tokens can be earned per day by interactive activity as follows:

  • For BizMems, the maximum amount to earn per day: 200 VRA tokens
  • For BizPros, the maximum amount to earn per day: 500 VRA tokens
  • Minimum for a withdrawal request is 600 VRA tokens.

1.1.2. Connect to earn

By inviting friends to join the world of BIZVERSE, users will have more VRA for themselves. In particular, each user will have a separate Referral link. For each user who registers their account successfully on Bizverse, you will get 10 VRA. This is one of the most interactive ways to earn VRA.

1.2. Write to Earn

Everytime a user shares valuable content to the community on BIZVERSE’s Social platform, the more people interact with the article, the more VRA the writer will receive.

1.3. Watch to earn

Normally, interstitial ads will make you feel extremely uncomfortable, right? However, with BIZVERSE, users fully actively watch the ads of brands to receive VRAs. At vrPanos and vrBanners, there are promotional videos or images for BizMems to view, click and receive VRA.

1.4. Play games to Earn

Play to Earn
Play to Earn

BizMems can go sightseeing, shopping and can pick up random gifts from the system, businesses partners. Gift wrapping can be vrNFTs or VRA tokens. At vrMalls and vrStores there are also minigames organized by BizBoss and BizPro to attract BizMems to participate and receive VRA rewards.

At game centers, there are many games for BizMems to enjoy and get VRA rewards. For the first successful registration, when a user comes to Game Center, they will receive 300 VRA tokens in bonus from the system to play the games.
These bonus tokens are locked until they earn at least double the amount equivalent to 600 VRA tokens before a withdrawal request can be made (Minimum withdrawal: 600 VRA tokens).

1.5. Build to Earn

To encourage creativity and recognize the individual value of each member, BIZVERSE will give VRA rewards to BizMems who build the space around their vrLand more charming and stunning such as planting trees around the house, buying more vrLand nearby to create a bustling, building amusement and entertainment areas. Every act of creativity and community building is recognized and rewarded with VRA by BIZVERSE.

1.6. Shopping to Earn

A special thing about BIZVERSE is that when shopping at stores, BizMems is also given an amount of VRA tokens for each successful order (the purchase and sale of items will be done directly by BizMems with the store owner, BIZVERSE does not interfere in those processes but only record the results), the source of VRAs for this activity is in the trade stimulus fund of BIZVERSE.

In addition, the system encourages BizPro and BizBoss to regularly have some promotions’ events, vouchers or VRA tokens to Bizmems when shopping.

1.7. Other activities

Towards the goal of building a comprehensive ecosystem from physical to mental, recreational activities, shopping to working and earning on BIZVERSE. BIZVERSE will bring physical activities and sports into the world of BIZVERSE.

For example, BizMems can jog or exercise everyday, or sing karaoke or dance for VRA rewards.

2. Get a lot of VRA for what?

Based on the amount of VRA obtained, BizMems can be exchanged to BIVE tokens on DEX/CEX later in the future or accumulated to build their assets on BIZVERSE.

Above are some typical ways to earn in SocialFi. BIZVERSE will be a promising and potential project that is worth-keeping an eye on. BIZVERSE will launch Beta shortly for users to experience. So what else should let you guys hesitate? Let’s go through our instructions and wait for the Bizverse World tomorrow.