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In recent years, along with the development of society, information technology in general, social networking sites in particular, especially the Internet has developed very strongly, it has been having a great influence on all activities and activities. human activities. With the outstanding feature of fast connection, wide sharing, just needing a phone or a computer connected to the Internet, we can access and participate in many websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tele, etc… Social networks continue to drive connectivity everywhere, with global user numbers rapidly reaching impressive numbers.

No longer simply an entertainment space where people can get to know each other and share everything in life with each other, social networks also become a place to seek revenue and profit when more and more artists and Creators come to work. participate in the social network ecosystem to build, maintain and polish their name.

For traditional social networks, the leakage of personal information and images in cyberspace is a common concern of everyone, easily creating favorable conditions and opportunities for the bad guys to find and use for personal gain and other malicious purposes.

The inadequacies from centralized social networks have prompted the search for new and improved solutions for the platforms that we previously thought were difficult to replace and had to depend on.


With the beginning of the Defi era, followed by GameFi exploded in the digital industry and this led to SocialFi, a new concept that appeared recently as a corollary and received expectations from the majority of the community when it is likely to become a “new trend in the future”.

SocialFi stands for social finance which refers to the combination of social networking and finance on Blockchain. It is a future trend with the hope of solving some of the shortcomings that the centralized platform has.

SocialFi can provide users with open spaces, connecting a variety of different applications, ranging from images to content, … creating a creative environment for users to become unlimited. Imagine when all barriers to creativity will be completely removed with the groundbreaking tools and features that the developer provides, then the Metaverse will be formed – another world, existing in parallel. with the real world.


On traditional social networking sites, users are allowed to post photos, videos, comments or react to any post, it’s just an interaction between users without bringing any benefits to the users themselves.

With the ecosystem of BIZVERSE, the social networking platform will be elevated to a new value that creates value for users. BIZVERSE SOCIAL makes the difference where users can earn money.

Have you ever thought that a post on your social network with the number of likes, comments, interactions is 50, 100… can you bring the corresponding amount? Or playing games on social networking sites for entertainment can now help you both entertain and earn money.

In BIZVERSE that can happen, your one post, one comment, one reaction can be a product that makes you money. The exchange currency in BIZVERSE’S SOCIALFI platform is VRA – representing the ownership of assets in Metaverse of the BIZVERSE ecosystem. VRA is not really a digital currency like BIVE, but instead, VRA is a form of the digital asset used for commercial and entertainment activities within BIZVERSE’s ecosystem.


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