The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major changes in education. One of them is the transition from face-to-face learning to online learning. It can be said that remote learning and working will become sustainable in the future even after the pandemic ends. This poses the challenge of making learning more authentic, intuitive and fun. Education using the Metaverse is an effective solution to this problem. Let’s discover what will Education in BIZVERSE  be like.

What will education in BIZVERSE be like?
What will education in BIZVERSE be like?

1. 360 space creates an online classroom like a real classroom

360 space creates an online classroom like a real classroom
360 space creates an online classroom like a real classroom

When you take a virtual class on 360 space, you will choose your own 3D avatar. You can completely create an avatar depending on your preferences, fashion style, and personality. It will be your personal copy wherever you appear. Accordingly, you will play the role of a student, a teacher or anyone participating in the class.

What if you just need one touch to find yourself sitting in a virtual classroom but still be able to interact with the person next to you? Your body is at home, but what you see and hear is in the classroom. 360 space will create a virtual classroom, where students and teachers are representative images according to 3D models. You can interact with people around you, move around in the classroom, give ideas or record what you’ve learned with just a few clicks.

2. Education in BIZVERSE will become more intuitive

Education in BIZVERSE will become more intuitiveIn BIZVERSE, learning will be completely different. This form of teaching will bring students more interesting lessons, easier for students to remember when they are exposed to more vivid physical images and sounds.

Instead of looking at a computer screen or phone to absorb knowledge, teachers can create classrooms with objects that look like real life. Assuming you are a medical student or a doctor, with the help of AR, VR glasses, you can directly learn new techniques in real surgery until you get it right. This makes learning more intuitive and lively than many previous forms of learning. 

Using virtual reality and augmented reality in online learning is not a new concept, it may be used more and more in the future. With the support of AR and VR glasses, you will feel the learning environment at BIZVERSE in the most authentic way.

3. All geographical distances are removed

All geographical distances are removed
All geographical distances are removed

In the past, while online learning was very convenient, many people felt geographically isolated from others. Education in BIZVERSE is to eliminate this. BIZVERSE will connect users anytime, anywhere. You can completely meet, make friends, chat, have an authentic learning experience with friends halfway around the world even when you are sitting at home.

4. Classes are no longer limited to lecture halls and schools

If you’re in astronomy class and learning about the moon, BIZVERSE‘s classroom will take you out into space to explore. Or you want to know about sea creatures, the virtual classroom will turn into an aquarium. Study space is now not limited to only 4 walls but anywhere you want.

Education in BIZVERSE World will open up completely new experiences that are exciting like never before. Learning is now more fun, intuitive and easy to understand. BIZVERSE will make a revolution in the field of education. Look forward to that change in the near future.

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