⚡️Is Meta Economy a new trend with Web 3.0?

⚡️ Will the Cryptocurrency Market Change to a New Trend?

🎤 Learn more about the “Meta Economy” at the AMA with:

🔸Mr. Pham Huong: Founder & CEO of GFS Ventures. GFS is also the global ambassador for the NEAR Protocol project at the moment.  He also established VBI Lab – Vietnam Blockchain Innovation Lab.

🔸Ms. Riley Tran: Co-founder of GFS Ventures and Country Director of Near Inc. Before that, she worked as Marketing Director at Bibox exchange and Community Manager of Matrix AI Network.

🥇GFS Ventures Capital is in the Top 10 Vietnam Top Brands 2021. GFS invested in projects with the growth of several thousand % after only a short time such as NEAR Protocol, Ramp Defi, Litentry, Daomaker, Insure,…

⏰Time: 20:00 on April 02nd, 2022 (GMT +7) on GFS Blockchain Insights Youtube Channel.

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Learn more about the "Meta Economy" at the AMA with Mr. Pham Huong and Ms. Riley Tran