BIZVERSE is a Metaverse combined with a Digital Twin dedicated to business and life. BIZVERSE is a collection of distinctive features that set it apart from current projects. This article will cover 12 highlights of BIZVERSE and explain why businesses should enter this world soon.

12 characteristics that make the difference of BIZVERSE
12 characteristics that make the difference of BIZVERSE
  1. BIZVERSE is the Metaverse platform for business and real life. BIZVERSE is one of the few Metaverse blockchain projects that are not only a game but also a REAL solution for life, service, business, education, construction…
  2. 3D map set in the earth we live in (creating closeness to the real world, for those who have never played the game)
  3. NFT properties are properties that almost everyone is interested in: Land, house, Mall, Store/shop, Cinema, or properties for people such as brands, jewelry, fashion,… The mechanism to create a 3D Avatar according to the real-life version towards high personalization. Malls and interactive 3D stores, placed on 3D maps, allowing entry with VR/AR technology (VR device not required)
  4. Possess a strong proven VR/AR technology platform. The platform to organize VR fairs, trade events, and trade connections have been successfully applied in practice
  5. Social networking system for business, helping to connect people with people according to the B2B, B2C, C2C model. Towards the individual’s right to self-determination, without the intervention of a third party.
  6. Smart customer approach model even those who do not know about Crypto. Open up fair access opportunities for those who do not have the actual trading conditions to do this on BIZVERSE.
  7. Towards activities following the DAO model in land planning and creation of NFT properties. Users can freely access and manage their digital assets.
  8. Create a maximum open environment for creators to trade their products on BIZVERSE in the form of NFT assets, content: Movies, music, art, …
  9. BIZVERSE is built entirely on the cloud infrastructure of AWS, storing data according to the Cloud Storage model, ensuring auto Scale and data integrity.
  10. Open system, allowing the integration of popular solutions in the world that users are used to using in a single place, creating a seamless experience such as Facebook; Youtube; Google Meet; Zoom; including the integration of the customer’s existing website/e-commerce platform into BIZVERSE
  11. BIZVERSE construction force is very strong, including leading economic experts, scientists, doctors, leading lecturers in the field of Blockchain, Map3D, AR/VR, Digital Twin, Smart City and Proptech, Contactless Economy and especially contribute to the community. The project’s commitment is long-term, not following a passing trend. Towards maximum access to objects in society, creating fairness in access to information of the disadvantaged classes.
  12. BIZVERSE in addition to creating value for users from token investment, the core value lies in solutions for businesses, building a safe, convenient, interesting, and attractive business development ecosystem instead of looking at an e-commerce website. On the browser, you can experience a 3D tour booth via VR/AR. It is an important platform for every user to have the opportunity to access the contactless economy.

BIZVERSE promises to become an explosive project in the future, bringing a lot of interesting things to users and many benefits for businesses when participating. Our team is still in the process of perfecting the world of BIZVERSE to bring the best experiences to users. Let’s look forward to the appearance of BIZVERSE World soon.

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.
Build – Shopping – Watch – Connect – Share – Play – Earn … with BIZVERSE WORLD
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