Whether two different things can combine with each other?

The first difference that should be mentioned is “Metaverses require a level of immersion that digital twins do not.” While digital twins can be utilized by anyone in the real world, metaverses typically ask users to immerse themselves by entering a virtual space. That also means there is a certain level of accessibility separating the two.

Secondly, It’s quite subjective but metaverse tends to offer a lower quality of visuals than digital twins.

Much like metaverses, it’s possible for digital twins to build the entire world and populate them with avatars. Metaverses can be created from the ground up since they don’t need to be tied to any physically existing asset. Digital twins, on the other hand, require an object or process to mirror and that has to do with sensors.   

There is another aspect that separates metaverses from digital twins. They are data. Digital twins live and die by data integration. By utilizing sensors attached to a real-world asset, real-time data forms that bridge connecting it to its virtual counterpart. Metaverses don’t necessarily need sensor data to existing on their own, though the potential to connect with real-time data could be down the road.  

Despite some differences, digital twins still play an important role in the metaverse. Pulling a digital twin into the metaverse not only allows people to recreate it in full with live data, they can place it into the rest of the rendered world where live data also is fed — meaning it will operate or behave exactly how it would in the real world like living, work and play alongside each other. And digital twins are the foundations that the metaverse will be built on.

The difference between Metaverse and Digital Twins

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