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💥 No more waiting, right now we are hereby proud to reveal the worthiest champions of this week’s Top Chat!

Congratulations & many thanks to all lucky winners who took their precious time to participate in this event and have accompanied Bizverse so far. 🎉

👉 The attractive prizes have already arrived for the lucky winners, as shown below. 🎁

Top 1: @tientoan42 – 350 $BIVE
Top 2: @tuphuong18 – 260 $BIVE
Top 3: @manlikerubio- 260 $BIVE
Top 4: @mdrana355341 – 175 $BIVE

The outcomes will be based on COMBOT statistics. The rewards will be aggregated and distributed to the winners in the middle of the month🌟

✅ Please double-check your name and confirm again with our admins @pinkydoan and @B7tuananh within 24 hours of this post.

How to join the Weekly Top chat event: Here

(https://t.me/bizverse/946)For those who missed this opportunity, the event is still happening on Bizverse World. Let’s come to Chat and earn with us. ❤️