Prove property by a third party?

Taking the field of real estate transactions as an example, in order to certify the accuracy of real estate documents, it is necessary to involve an intermediary such as state agencies. When performing a transaction, both the buyer and the seller must sign the contract and notarize the signed contract at a notary public with the inspection and certification of all documents and contracts again. Administrative procedures and information confirmation are time-consuming, costly, and third-party intervention is required.

Inadequacies of digital asset management based on internal centralized database?

With this management method, the system can be attacked leading to loss or leakage of data. At the same time, the data can be changed or edited, so the information has poor transparency.

Information retrieval and system upgradeability are also weak points of centralized database systems.

How does Blockchain solve the problem of “owning”?

The development of Blockchain technology has paved the way for the outstanding development of the field of digital asset management globally. When participating in the Blockchain, each user will be identified with a special and unique string of characters called a private key. This private key represents the user on the Blockchain used to sign and confirm transactions and ownership of digital assets. Thus, Blockchain solves the problem of user identification and asset ownership authentication.

To summarize, the benefits of asset management using blockchain technology include:

– Transparency

– Information cannot be edited or changed

– No operator needed

– High-security rights

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