The First Batch of Bizverse VrLands Sale has been announced. Many individuals are interested in learning more about the advantages and value of owning VrLand. Let’s have a look at this.

1. What is VrLand?

What is VrLand?
What is VrLand?

VrLand is Land NFT. In Bizverse, lands will be planned based on the realistic context of each nation. The lands belong to the cultural sites, famous architectural works in the real world will be preserved in the virtual world, especially the locations will be built trade centers, convention and exhibition centers to serve the business in Bizverse world vrLand will be sold/leased along with the works attached on the land.

When KYC is successful, Bizmem will be given vrLand with an area of ​​< 300m2. In addition, Bizmem can buy more vrLand in the surrounding area to form a commercial area with vrMall.

2. Value of VrLand

2.1 The fulcrum of the Meta economy

The fulcrum of the Meta economy
The fulcrum of the Meta economy

Bizverse is more than just a game. Therefore, VrLand is not an NFT for primarily entertainment purposes. Bizverse aims to build a Meta economy for business. This is where shopping, entertainment, education and business activities take place. Trade centers and exhibitions will be built to serve the needs of Bizverse residents. One of the core components for making this happen is a virtual building platform. That is the greatest value in VrLand.

2.2 Real estate rental

Landowners can rent their land to others, such as game designers, artists, or development studios, who can’t afford to buy virtual land or didn’t get a chance to do so during the initial auctions. Land is a scarce commodity in virtual blockchain worlds, especially in strategic places. Once all of the prime real estates has been sold, the demand for land for rent will skyrocket.

By renting out your virtual land, you provide other individuals with the opportunity to conduct business in the virtual world while also earning a monthly rent. You can rent out your land as a blank space to your tenants, allowing them to start their own businesses on your property.

2.3. Exchange property

So when the investors that already bought the vrLands, first thing they could do is trading vrLands in Marketplace for economic purpose. And then, it could be listed for sale or rent when the marketplace is released, and when the businesses, other users want to contact them to rent their place, the owner could receive some profits from that.
For calculating the value of the land that you guys own, it depends on the scarcity and the uniqueness of the vrLands, for example, in this first batch, Bizverse has released 3500 exclusive vrLands, and the price of those are equally 199USDT. And later on in the future the Land could be more than the number of 199USDT with even smaller size of the land. And vrLand holders could earn more than the normal users, so that means the price of vrLands as well has to be higher. The users’ vrLands also will be depended on the market which is P2P for sure. The P2P market will show the trading volume between people with people, we do not interfere in their trades. But not 100%, the price might be depended on the location of the vrLands, just assume with real-life case, imagine when your land is located closed to someone famous celebrity or KOLs, or closed to a central hub of business, the price of the vrLands could certainly rise up higer than expected.

3. VrLand owner benefits 

VrLand owner benefits 
VrLand owner benefits
  • You could get your accounts, vrLands verified.
  • Receive the BIZPRO Medal & Benefits for users who own lands that are located in Luxury Zone in Bizverse City
  • Become one of the first trials to test Bizverse products & various upcoming features
  • Exclusive in a central hub of all industries – KOLs – Entertainment
  • Freely claim 1 Estate in Bizverse World System
  • Private Event Hosting (BizGift)
  • Build up your Estate from imagination & creation to non-fiction by Bizverse Marker Tool
  • You could receive some tickets to join some private shows of Bizverse (or Bizverse’s partners) 2
  • First adapters in Branding Services & Affiliate Marketing Benefits to users
  • To Bizverse Social, Page & Post Priority content to all other users, and earning will be different as well with BIZPRO
  • Users could have higher chances on getting GEM ESSENTIALS on Bizverse World (will come later in the future)

4. Bizverse Mining

Bizverse will release the MINING NFTs Collection & MINING Mechanism in Bizverse World:

4.1 Mining with EXCAVATOR in Bizverse World:

  • Mechanism: There will be exclusive EXCAVATOR for only Vrlands holders to put in their lands to dig for the items.
  • How can you do it?

You can put the EXCAVATOR into your vrLands, and hold the EXCAVATOR in vrLands to mine & find out some items under your land. 

The EXCAVATOR will run all day as long as you put it into the lands, and when it finally discovers some items in the land, the system will notify you that the excavator has found something, go and check them.

The EXCAVATOR mechanism on mining to discover the items will be calculated through the hours of mining.

There will be chances that the EXCAVATOR will be broken & lost, and it will have the hash rate (break-down rate) on it, and you could fix it or claim it again with VRA tokens (details will be released later on)

  • Items: Tokens, NFTs, Treasures & there will be a small chance to mine exclusive vrLands. 

(Later elements in your vrLands will be added for the EXCAVATOR to mine in upcoming updates)

  • Type: 3D Model – NFTs,  and will be put inside the lands for digging.
  • Starting from: May, 2022
  • Leaking: The Excavator will be claimed with VRA tokens.

The details of the mining mechanism will be sort out in couple of days after the event of Batch 1 sale”

4.2 Mining NFTs Collection Pool:

Bizverse will release a Collection of stable NFTs, to attach with the vrLands & your free estate claim to mine in a mining pool. 

  • Total number of NFTs: 500 stable NFTs. 
  • Type: Standard, Premium, Luxury NFT (The Harvest rate varies from low % to high % according to different NFTs)
  • Pool: Due to the revenue of vrLands sale & 70% of the NFTs collection will be added to mine (30% left will be used to create events for users & marketing)
  • Timeline: May, 2022
  • Duration: Approximately 2 months till the pool mining runf out.
  • Leaking: The pool will be in USDT for vrLands holders, and there will be Harvesting rate, and the NFTs collection are still remaining to be used within 3 batches of vrLands sale with other collections to harvest in other pools in each batch.

“Detailed information of the Mining pool will be updated after we closed the Batch 1 sale”  

According to the demand of users, and the situation of the vrLands sale Batch 1, we will hold up the other batches for improving and upgrading the best mechanism for current users. And later on we will release the vrLand NFTs later on in the future.

The First Batch of VrLand NFTs Sale is still open. 

👉 Click on the link to become the owner of VrLand: 

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