Tourism 4.0

Tourism is an indispensable need in socio-economic life and has become popular in many countries and is a habit in daily life in today’s society. Not only playing the role of an economic sector that can change the face of the country, tourism also has a positive meaning in the life of each individual.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had consequences, negatively affecting economic sectors on a global scale, including the tourism industry. Faced with that situation, global tourism has been forced to make changes to adapt to the new situation.

In which virtual travel experience has taken the throne, many people who love to travel have chosen to explore new lands through the screen thanks to virtual tours.

Through the help of technology, especially virtual reality technology (VR), with the support of smartphones, computers, virtual reality glasses, headsets, and effect chairs. .., users can experience the lifelike feeling of the digitized destination in the 3D environment. With each mouse click, navigation technology will bring visitors easily to each location at each tourist destination.

What will the virtual tourism experience be in the 4.0 era?

Experience virtual tours

Many other countries around the world are also applying virtual tours to serve tourists during the pandemic. With the Virtual Angkor tour to Angkor Wat (Cambodia), visitors will be able to take a journey back to the 12th century with technology and 360-degree panoramas, see ancient structures, walk inside. temples, explore the daily life of ancient Cambodians.

American travel businesses are also pushing to launch VR video products into the market, such as panoramic views of New York on a helicopter, experiencing the sands of the Dubai desert on camel’s back or enjoying a one-of-a-kind street art performance…

Bizverse with a vision towards the goal of building a virtual reality environment and conducting a comprehensive digital transformation of business operations, Bizverse will also combine the 3D map world with VR/AR technology to create a Vr360 space with many locations worldwide. You just need one click to go to the place you want to experience and explore tourism.

Thus, it can be seen that tourism 4.0 or virtual tourism is an indispensable direction for the tourism industry to integrate with the general trend of society in the digital era. Bizverse has captured that and will help users have many choices to meet the needs of relaxation and entertainment.

What will the virtual tourism experience be in the 4.0 era?

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