Imagine your monthly trip to the mall being replaced with a virtual mall in the not-too-distant future. You may meet and converse with pals for hours in a coffee shop without having to worry about booking a taxi or leaving the house. Bizverse is developing a virtual shopping mall environment named VrMall in conjunction with the Metaverse trend.

What is the VrMall Bizverse's business model
What is the VrMall Bizverse’s business model

1. In Bizverse, what is VrMall?

VrMall is a three-dimensional object that merges the VR360 space of pre-built shopping malls in the heart of major cities across the world. VrMall is a shopping mall with a variety of establishments for sale or rent, allowing businesses to offer their products and services to customers.

The system releases and distributes VrMall, allowing corporate users to propose VrMall construction in planning and self-business regions.

2. What will shopping at VrMall be like?

2.1. Shopping isn’t just about buying things, it’s about experiencing

What will shopping at VrMall be like
What will shopping at VrMall be like

VrMall includes many different brands and stores. Coming to VrMall, users can interact with each other and with their brands and products. At the same time, each person will have a 3D avatar, users can freely design clothes, and equip accessories for their digital avatar.

Built on the foundation of today’s most advanced technologies such as Blockchain, 3D, VR/AR, VrMall allows users to have a richer and more interactive online shopping experience than anything we have ever seen before. we have seen before. Shopping in a virtual store in 3D is much more realistic than in 2D. If before, when shopping through e-commerce platforms, you could only look through the computer screen, now you can completely immerse yourself in the space of that store while sitting at home. The product information will be displayed clearly and completely.

2.2. Shopping has just gotten a whole lot easier

Consider that you only have one weekend and you want to savor the experience of shopping. Then, due to traffic delays, you have to stand in the middle of the road for hours. Users can be in the store they want with just one click when shopping at VrMall stores in Bizverse World. Stores are designed in 3D to appear as if they are in the real world. Users can go shopping, play games, and visit any store they like. Shopping made simple from the comfort of your own home.

3. How do businesses do business on VrMall?

Rental of a store
Rental of a store

Businesses can buy Land on Bizverse World and then build VrMalls.

Bizverse stipulates that the total supply will include 78,000 VrMall. In addition, VrMalls are issued and distributed by the system, so business users are entitled to propose building VrMalls in planning and self-business areas.

3.1. Rental of a store

Mall owners can rent out their stores to other businesses to rent out their booths located in the Mall to make a profit. From there, the profit from investing in VrMall can be generated from the rental of booths.

 generate more revenue from activities that attract people to visit and purchase at VrMall

3.2. Renting VrPano for advertising

Renting VrPano for advertising
Renting VrPano for advertising

At the VrMall will place many Pano serving businesses for advertising purposes. Businesses hire these billboards from Mall owners to place information about their brand to attract shoppers. From there, when investing in VrMall, investors will generate more revenue by attracting people to visit and buy goods at the booths.

The experiences that users get when shopping at VrMall will exceed what consumers expect from an in-person shopping experience. With the rapid development of technology and Metaverse trends, one day online shopping on Metaverse will gradually replace today’s traditional form of shopping. As consumers gradually change their habits, businesses will need to adapt, owning and investing in the construction of shopping centers will generate huge revenue streams.