Digital real estate in the virtual market is the hottest asset in the market and is worth trillions of dollars in the future. The increasing land boom in the metaverse has even drawn the attention of traditional real estate companies. Many people, according to experts, are banking on the future, believing that technology will make the metaverse as ubiquitous as the Internet is today. If this is accurate, the virtual universe’s user base will be enormous, resulting in a rise in land value. The sale or lease of virtual land will benefit the initial investors at this time. Let’s take a look at the possibilities that come with investing in Vrland.

1. VrLand – “Virtual” real estate with “real” earnings

The value of virtual land brings

The popularity of virtual land has increased with the NFT market, with recent NFT virtual land purchases totaling several million dollars. VrLand monetizes virtual lands by allowing them to be leased to third parties or just used as a rentable investment. It becomes an investment that can expand exponentially quicker than owning a piece of property in the real world if you join early.

2. Compared to reality, input costs are low


Once you build a metaverse property, the cost is negligible compared to the actual real estate. There are no constraints on what you can create or who you can live with for how long or where you may reside. It can be costly, but there are no materials needed for the actual construction, no waste, and no supply chain issues to worry about. It’s all made of pixels and electrons.

3. Looking for investment and business opportunities on vrLands Bizverse City:

3.1 Reach commercial tenants

The value of virtual land brings

Users with digital land ownership will be able to make money by leasing land  as you can easily find commercial tenants. The land’s value will rise as well, increasing your net worth. Another popular application of vrLands is the creation of a venue, such as an internet cafe, an NFT gallery, a club, concerts, or conferences…  All of which can be built on a plot of land of vrLand on Bizverse City.

Big businessmen, big bosses through real estate investment on Bizverse such as buying/renting and building vrMall/vrExpo, then organizing business activities for renting/selling vrStore/vrBooth/vrPano/vrBanner/ vrHall on vrLands by Bizverse.

Users can act as shoppers or seek investment cooperation opportunities: visit trade shows, and trade goods at shopping centers right on vrLands in Bizverse’S digital world area.

In addition, input and maintenance costs are low compared to real life. You can also create virtual shopping malls, workplaces, and event spaces instead of just renting virtual houses and apartments. The idea was to create a social mapping platform that would allow people to “pin” images and videos on the map. Property owners can also earn revenue from allowing others to place digital signage, brands can bid like in the real world.

3.2 Construction of VrMall – a shopping mall

A potential investment

VrMall is a three-dimensional entity that integrates the VR360 space of pre-built shopping malls across the globe. VrMall is a shopping mall that allows a range of businesses to sell or rent their goods and services to customers. VrMall is released and distributed by the system, which allows corporate users to propose VrMall construction in planning and self-business areas.

VrMall uses today’s most cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, 3D, VR/AR,… to provide consumers with a deeper and more engaging online shopping experience than we’ve ever seen before. Shopping at a virtual store in 3D is significantly more lifelike than shopping in 2D. If you could just glance through the computer screen when buying on e-commerce platforms before, you can now fully immerse yourself in the space of that store while sitting at home. The product information will be presented in a straightforward and comprehensive manner.

3.3 Construction of Entertainment Center

VR Show of Bizverse - Future Trend Of Event Organization

Metaverse can be described as a unified space that integrates multiple virtual worlds into a single, interoperable location that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. To make the experience more realistic, games or activities interact in one location. The fact that users can break out of the physical world and into unfamiliar yet deeply familiar surroundings is entertaining.

Entertainment Center – All in one where users can have fun, have fun and get some of our rewards tokens, organize and participate in events in Bizverse City. Anyone can build entertainment centers, develop them, and rent them out to outside entertainment companies to house their products.

3.4 Construction of VrExpo 

Being famous exhibition events, the places gather many brands to display and introduce products to seek cooperation, investment or other exhibition events. vrExpo is also modeled into 3D and VR360 spaces, it simulates Expo activities in the virtual world. The difference between vrExpo and vrMall is that the vrExpo can be active for a maximum of 3 months, the booths in vrExpo are only rented but not sold. Businesses are entitled to hire a vrExpo to organize their exhibition events and invite other businesses to rent booths to display or sell products. 

3.5 Build a house in a special location


Being a house that is free distribution for each BizMem user who successfully performs KYC and is located at the actual location of BizMem. At each vrHome, BizMem is allowed to create a 1:n link to his vrStore/vrBooth at vrMall or vrExpo (if available). Corresponding to each vrHome, there will be 1 Fanpage on the Social Network system. vrHome will contain an important parameter, it shows the follower of other users and this number of followers will determine many investment benefits of the owner in the future such as: Enough reputation to establish new vrMall with the lowest cost, organizing large events, buying and establishing community spaces to exploit and create value.

4. Bizverse – Metaverse for business


Bizverse built the Earth-simulation metaverse at scale to transform businesses into digital platforms and grow the Meta Economy while keeping in mind consumer habits with a number of activities the following economics:

  • Real estate
  • E-platform (E-class, E-commerce, E-Rental, E-Realestate, …)
  • Entertainment – tourism – advertising
  • Convention and exhibition center
  • And more

The important thing in all of the above business and entertainment activities is the need for VrLand to have space to build and develop.

Bizverse is cooperating in digital transformation with many businesses in the fields of banking, tourism, entertainment, showroom, etc. such as Crystal Bay, VIB Bank, Hoi An, Ai21X, OneFin,… Building vrStore on VrMall/VrExpo of Bizverse, creating Vr360 tours for showrooms using 3D scanning technology,…

VrLand plays an important role in growing the Meta economy on Bizverse, from converting physical stores to 3D stores to building and developing shopping malls or activity centers others economic. Its value is increasing exponentially, becoming an attractive investment opportunity. It also has the potential to be a viable financial asset, similar to real-world artwork and real-world real estate.