Dear adventurers of Bizverse,
Excitingly, on the basis of what has been happening in Beta version the past 2 months, and what is still going to happen in upcoming months, we have managed to lay the groundwork for several key initiatives which will propel the future growth of Bizverse.
But time is running out and turbulence appears to our beloved comers, we have decided not to let you guys down for waiting more. Let’s share some good things and bad things for next roads:
First thing to share is “luckily” good news: “Our team is growing stronger, developing sturdier, learning faster than ever”.
Second, Couples of great news are to our Community, we are starting soon our Community Ambassador Program, as well as multi-regions connecting gateway to expand our community as well as markets.
OOps, bad news: We have been letting you guys wait for a couple of longgg and longgggg days. But no worries, time has its answer. It’s high time to harvest something and give out some “BOOM” for our community.
Weary for some leaking news on Bizverse’s upcoming roads? Look at the pictures on Banners, you guys are on 50% of the road, 50% left will come in just “few” days. That’s all for now, Bizverse gotta go back to work.
See you guys in   “ɹ  n o ɟ”   days.
Happily Enjoy Easter and Bizverse!