You are able to live, work, and participate in the business, play, and entertainment activities that offer a personalized and unique experience:

In the Bizverse world, vrLands will be planned based on the actual context of the countries, vrLands belonging to cultural sites, famous architectural works in the real world will be preserved in the virtual world.
vrLands will be planned to build virtual reality works, especially the locations will be built Trade centers, convention and exhibition centers serving business in the world of BIZVERSE, vrLands will be built. sold/rented together with the works attached to the actual land.

Looking for investment and business opportunities on vrLands BIZVERSE:

Another very popular use of vrLands is to create a venue, such as an internet cafe, NFT gallery, club, concerts or conference… All of these can all be built on a plot of vrLand on BIZVERSE.
Big entrepreneurs, big bosses through real estate investment on BIZVERSE such as buying/renting and building vrMall/vrExpo, then organizing business activities for renting/selling vrStore/vrBooth/vrPano/vrBanner/vrHall on vrLands of BIZVERSE.
Users can play the role of shoppers or seek investment cooperation opportunities: visit trade fairs, trade shows, and trade goods in shopping centers right on vrLands in the region BIZVERSE’S digital world.

BIZVERSE – The Metaverse for Business with Contactless Economy

Build – Shopping – Watch – Connect – Share – Play – Earn…