On 7 April 2022, Founder of the Metaverse platform for businesses Bizverse World and the representative of the world’s leading online education organization Udemy conducted a signing ceremony of cooperation on Bizverse’s digital space. As the result, Bizverse users is getting the chance to access more than 200,000 free courses in various fields namely IT; blockchain; marketing; business; architecture; … as well as soft skills courses from Udemy.

Bizverse pioneers in providing educational and training applications on the metaverse

After the Covid pandemic, the world education industry has adapted to the digital transformation in order to open up opportunities for global learning.​​ Therefore, Bizverse, a metaverse combining the real world and the virtual one based on the “Digital Twin” concept, has applied Blockchain technology, 3D, VR/AR and other innovative technologies to evolve the traditional learning method.

In particular, Bizverse produces several free tools for teachers, education institutions and all level schools to support the teaching and learning process, videlicet Bizverse E-Class; Bizverse 3D Meet and Bizverse 3D Space. 

Bizverse E-Class is an online teaching and learning platform with a variety of courses from multiple fields, allowing users to study anytime, anywhere. The transmission and reception of knowledge will be through role-playing methods in a virtual space, where students and lecturers can interact and learn together just like in real life.

Bizverse 2D Meet is a Web-based application that helps instructors and students organize online classes. Users can share content, give presentations, interact with others participating in the space and invite others to join the online session with just one click of the URL link.

The organization of online classes is more vivid with Bizverse 3D Space & Meeting. Students & instructors can access 1:1 simulated spaces to organize meetings, teach online, and experience 360 ​​technology. Whatsmore, worldwide users can meet in an interactive environment with their 3D avatar, visual effects, gestures, and sound effects similar to each other’s self-directed classes.

Udemy cooperates with Bizverse to create a learning breakthrough on metaverse.

Udemy is the world’s leading online learning platform with more than 200,000 courses supporting 75 different languages, attracting 49 million students, 680 million registrations, 64,000 instructors and 10,500 corporate customers; accompanied by a network of leading prestigious educational partners in the world namely Studystor with more than 80 years of operation in the education field; NTUC Learning Hub; Training Vision; ROHEI Corporation; Imageworks…

With a vision of making a better world where everyone can learn together as well as a mission to become a knowledge base for every student globally, Udemy has partnered with Bizverse to bring over 200,000 courses to Metaverse. These courses are integrated into Bizverse’s E-Class system and are freely available to users. Users of the Bizverse can now access a huge source of knowledge and new learning experiences in the Metaverse world as well as receive a certificate in the form of NFT after completing the Udemy course on Bizverse. 

The future of education in the digital environment

“The partnership with Bizverse to provide education services on the metaverse platform is one of the critical steps for Udemy to materialize its mission.” – said Mr. Steve Sutcliffe, a higher-up of APAC Education and the representative of Udemy.

Mr. Trinh Cong Duy – Founder of Bizverse and Mr. Steve Sutcliffe – the representative of Udemy conducted the signing ceremony on Bizverse’s Bizshow platform

In the future, the way of teaching and learning on the metaverse will be more fascinating once the knowledge contained in books is virtualized more vividly than ever. Students can explore the anatomical model of the human body, observe the movement of a car engine… or “teleport” to any space, any time such as visiting ancient historical sites at the bottom of the ocean, setting feet on a planet in the solar system, going back to the primitive era… with the support of virtual reality glasses and Bizverse’s modern technology system such as AR, 3D, 360 space, …

Education is one of the key fields that Bizverse pays special attention to investing in, building and developing on the metaverse. The cooperation with Udemy, the world’s leading online learning platform, has demonstrated Bizverse’s orientation of “Technology for Life’s sake” towards creating positive changes for society, enhancing practical value and establishing a global knowledge community.

Learn more about the course and how to sign up: https://my.bizverse.world/Udemy