🔥 After 3 days of releasing in Beta Version, we noticed that users are very interested in earning VRA tokens in Bizverse. So, we decided that there will be some requirements / criterias for new accounts to reduce abusive actions from users:

📌 All new accounts could only be qualified by a must to connecting to their wallets (when you create new accounts by other social networks).

📌 In one hand, when the system receive the withdrawal request from users, Bizverse Dev Team and system will check the activities of the main account to confirm the withdrawal request of VRA tokens. For users with spam behavior just to cheat & abuse tokens, they will be considered to lose the right to withdraw VRA tokens to the funding wallet. At the same time, the system will check the validity of the invited accounts (referrals) if they are bots / clones to verify the withdrawal of VRA tokens of the main account to the wallet. If the invited referrals accounts that are not active for more than 30%, we will have the right to deny their withdrawal request or minus / substract their VRAs to reduce abuse.

📌 On the other hand, users who create quality article content and actively comment and share will also receive attractive gifts from Bizverse World. We will check on these to give worthy prizes for deserved people. We will never allow cheating / abusing activities to easily get their VRAs. Besides, fair and deserved people will receive worthily what they are contributing to Bizverse. … To be updated to fit the Earning Mechanism on Bizverse World.

Teams and Conditions for Earning VRA Tokens in the Bizverse World Beta Version
Terms and Conditions for Earning VRA TokensVersion