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Merchants no longer had to compete with one another over the fishing hands they needed, and their generosity in advancing goods evaporated. The precise timing of this transition is hard to pinpoint, but the plethora of debt cases involving fishermen heard before the Essex County Inferior Court of Common Pleas in the 1720’s and 1730’s suggests that it was in the course of these two decades that the purse strings were drawn.

  • Housed at VOA headquarters, the Leo Sarkisian Library of African Music (1958-c.1990s) is being digitized by the University of Michigan.
  • Almost all of these were adjudicated in the town courts, as in Poland, and were individual prosecutions.
  • Although the long-playing record was launched in 1948, sales did not take off until the next year, when Columbia Records released the original cast recording of “South Pacific” in both 78-rpm and LP formats.
  • The Wings Over Jordan choir was founded in 1935 by Rev. Glenn T. Settle, pastor of the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1959 solo guitarist John Fahey self-published the first version of this album, pressing only 100 copies and distributing them locally in Washington, D.C. In subsequent years, he re-recorded selections of the album on different occasions, expressing a preference for the more technically demanding performances on the 1967 stereo release. Heavily influenced by classic blues and folk 78-rpm recordings he had collected since his youth, Fahey’s solo guitar compositions also incorporate such surprising influences as the work of Charles Ives and Bela Bartok to forge uniquely personal statements. Ritchie Valens was born Richard Valenzuela in Los Angeles in 1941. English was his first language and though he never mastered Spanish, he learned Spanish songs from his Mexican-American family, including “La Bamba,” a song from Vera Cruz that was a favorite dance piece at weddings.

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By 1530, Iroquoians from the St. Lawrence Valley were trading with Breton, Basque, and Norman fishermen at the Strait of Belle Isle; by 1550, trade had shifted west to the mouth of the Saguenay, where, by 1580, French merchants came expressly to trade for furs. In 1600, they built a trading post at Tadoussac and, in 1608, another at Quebec.288 The Great Lakes Basin began to receive French goods via the St. Lawrence and Dutch goods via the Hudson. Indian groups that controlled this inland flow reaped deadly bonanzas. The Iroquoians at Stadacona and Hochelaga , the earliest middlemen of the St. Lawrence fur trade, were wiped out by more westerly Indians sometime about 1580.

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His recent published work includes Intellectual Property Law and the Sumptuary Code, 123 Harvard Law Review 809 , and Fair Use and Legal Futurism, 24 Law & Literature __ . Professor Beebe received his J.D. From Yale Law School, his Ph.D. in English Literature from Princeton University, and his B.A. On their third album, Radiohead create an information-age dystopia characterized by psychopaths, corrupt politicians, ill-behaved consumers, tyrannical robots, airline disasters, car crashes, and failed safety protocols. For the album, the band had mostly stripped away such alt-rock signposts as personalized lyrics, sinus-clearing guitar, and thunderous bass and drums.