💥 In recent times, the NFT has attracted many big companies in the fields of technology, entertainment, and fashion to race the NFT market. They believe that NFT will be a product of the new technology age and is predicted to create a fever in the near future. So what is NFT? How beneficial is it that the big companies have to follow such trends?

💥 NFTs are tokens used to represent ownership of a single asset located elsewhere on the internet, usually something non-physical and stored on a public blockchain. NFTs can be considered modern-day collectibles; NFTs can include anything from artwork to virtual land. NFTs can exist in many forms of digital files such as artwork, audio, video, video game items, and other creative works. Thanks to the uniqueness of NFTs, they are auctioned for millions of dollars.

💥 NFT is a new concept but it is very popular and well-received by the valuable NFT product as they verify the authenticity of non-fungible tokens. This makes NFT products unique and one-of-a-kind, increasing the feeling for the owner, thereby bringing a unique value that can only be found in NFT. NFT investments are virtual asset investments – real benefits, NFT investors can derive value from this uniqueness, similar to buying and selling collectibles.

💥 The NFT market has witnessed big names such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Alibaba, … participating in the NFT race. They continuously release their own unique NFT collections. Specifically, Gucci recently capital poured into the NFT Marketplace SuperRace to launch “Vault Art Space”, an exhibition that includes NFT artworks by 29 artists. This combination will help Gucci’s artworks be more valuable thanks to the “unique” nature of NFT.

💥 Besides, Facebook, after changing the company name to Meta, is now preparing to bring NFT to famous social networking like Facebook. According to Meta’s Product Manager – Navdeep Singh, the company Meta has begun testing Polygon and Ethereum-based NFT among a select group of creators on Facebook. Mr. Singh posted a series of screenshots of the update, which includes a “digital gallery” tab that will allow Facebook users to showcase NFT on their profiles.

💥 According to Forbes, as the market enabling NFTs continues to grow, we will see more platforms being created, thereby increasing the popularity of NFTs and managing transactions. This is why the interest from venture capitalists in the NFT market has skyrocketed over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down.

💥 NFT exchanges are constantly appearing in the market, but there are NFT exchanges that are trusted and traded by people such as OpenSea, Axie Infinity Market, Rarible, SuperRace,…. the world’s first and largest NFT exchanges.

💥 Currently, Bizverse also has its own NFT Marketplace for the ecosystem, with many different purchases and transfers that have been made. This July, Bizverse will launch a special feature on NFT Marketplace, promising to meet the needs of users who want to own NFT. With the appearance of dozens of NFTs being produced every day, the NFT fever is predicted to grow even stronger in the future, stirring up the investment market, and leading the digital technology trend.

NFT - Promising Pioneering Technology Trend