Dear Bizversers, 

🔥 Whereas the hot summer sun is still shining into the Bizverse World, Bizversers are exploiting the World, excavating various and brand-new things in this mysterious World. Exhaustion, weariness shown up in the journey of Bizversers. Then a huge wave of tsunami has come, bringing millions of fishes and treasures from the deep down sea into the adventure of them. Then their leader thought about a brighter scenario when exploring the world, they could actually survive with the mother of sea, bringing their sailors with tons of fishes to carry on in their exploration way of Bizverse World.

💥 Therefore, vrLands holders are our very first inhabitants, or very first civilians in Bizverse World, who treasured and decided to come a long way with Bizverse. Yet, to broaden larger communities, as well as create an environment that could give all users in the world the prerequisite to join Bizverse; hence giving an excellent chance for users to exploit in Bizverse World:

⚡ Except from Excavator, Bizverse has now thrived to send out the new and “low-cost vrUtility: Fishing Gearsto our users, giving you guys the ability to explore Bizverse World without any limitation, but with many fishes. What you have been waiting for has come, Bizverse would like to introduce to you guys 4 tools coming with the Gears:

📍 Fishing Hut

📍 Fishing Boat

📍 Fishing Net

📍 Fishing Ship

⚡ In this first period, Bizverse will release the functions of Fishing Hut (Automatic Mode) & Fishing Boat (Manual Mode with a small game to catch fishes). Later on, “Fishing Net” will be applied to serve “Fishing Ship” in dual Modes. 

⚡ Bizversers, your fishes are your gifts of creation, natural appealing assets with all your surviving tools that we provide. You will be able to discover Bizverse World and your mission is to gather your fishes to exchange for various rewards. 

⚡ Remember one important thing: “Small fishes bite quickly, Large fishes take their time”. 

New vrUtility - Fishing Gear
New vrUtility – Fishing Gear

We will all together chase and explore the World of Bizverse.