🔥️Governments are more open to virtual super universe models “metaverse” – the merger of the physical and digital worlds through technology – in the new era of the Internet’s technological race. AI, Big Data, Digital Twins, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and Digital Platforms (Digital Twin).
[Metaverse - The New Level of Smart City]
🌐 Global citizens will live in a virtual environment parallel to the real world once the “metaverse” is achieved on a global scale. The Korean government invested 187 million dollars on a pilot project to create a national Metaverse ecosystem with “Seoul Metaverse,” which will eventually form “Smart City in Metaverse.”
[Metaverse - The New Level of Smart City]
🎯 A 4D map that resembles real geography and allows the presentation of 3D visual images in real-time is required to develop a “Smart City in Metaverse,” allowing users to see changes in items over time (past, present, future).
[Metaverse - The New Level of Smart City]
So which industries will thrive in “Smart City in Metaverse”?
✔️Real Estate: Visit the “land” before opting to invest, with ideal buying and selling procedures using blockchain technology and digital identities to replace complex papers.
[Metaverse - The New Level of Smart City]
✔️Travel: From the comfort of your own home, live-stream your favorite travel places and visit historical relics reconstructed by artificial intelligence (AI), such as cities destroyed by conflict or civilizations buried beneath the sea.
✔️Entertainment: Attend the festival from anywhere in the 3D world, with no restrictions on geographical space; or arrange virtual events on a worldwide scale with technology-enabled and immersive experiences like never before.
✔️Education: Using VR/AR technology, breaking the boundaries of learning encased in books with true new knowledge discovery experiences in the 360-degree space of the metaverse.
Experience the Metaverse Bizverse at Smart City Asia 2022 Exhibition at:
⏰ Time: May 26th-28th, 2022
🏠 Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) – Booth 23-24
🏷Sightseeing ticket: free
See more exhibition information: https://smartcityasia.vn/