Bizverse World, a technology firm focusing in digital platforms, is one of Vietnam’s early adopters of research and digital transformation solutions geared at the contactless economy. Bizverse World is the owner of a digital world platform for enterprises that combines The Social Networking and Contactless Economy platforms such as Digital Twin, 3D Map, VR360, and VrFairs into the digital transformation process for businesses in the Vietnamese market. Putting the showroom on the Metaverse is considered a novel solution for businesses when it is a method that can reach customers around the world.

1. Promote showrooms for businesses with modern technology

showroom on Bizverse

For stores and businesses around the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new customers to your store or users to your website. Pricing methods, offers, promotions and discounts are always going on, but they also start to become boring and pointless. To capture the tastes of users and turn them into customers, businesses must be different.

Visitors to the 360 Tour may see everything from the overall perspective to the specifics of the showroom with multi-angle views and close-up views of the products thanks to VR technology. Furthermore, in the 3D Tour space, users may make quick movements and simply go to the space they desire in the most realistic manner. All 3D scanned photos are completely realistic, giving the viewer a virtual experience with a real sense. In addition, VR technology includes features such as a virtual MC, background music, multi-language support, and more to enhance the user experience when visiting the project.

A virtual showroom is not just a tour, but an opportunity for people to experience your products in a more natural environment. You can also improve the messaging behind your products by combining images, audio, video, and text. In addition, the showroom on metaverse allows the integration of an e-commerce site so that users can buy products without having to go to the store directly. Every shopping experience is enhanced with a virtual tour by tagging each product with details and a link to buy. This will change the long-term relationship that brands and users have, these tours will provide a great and personalized experience for each customer.

2. Exciting showroom experience with Bizverse's 360 Space and vrMall platforms

Users may meet, meet, train, and share on the 360 Space platform. The unique feature of 360 Space is the ability to construct 3D settings that mix 360 and real-life realism. Both buyers and sellers can meet in the metaverse regardless of their physical location. Without having to travel to a remote location, users may immerse themselves in the 3D environment, visit the showroom, and study the products in the most realistic way possible. Furthermore, because 360 Space allows meeting participants from both inside and outside your organization, the number of people who can attend is enormous. Users may quickly construct their own 3D meeting area using 360 Space with just one click and invite others to the meeting with the URL.

3. Put showroom on Metaverse – 3D world map

Put showroom on Metaverse - 3D world map

The 3D World Map – 3D world map in Bizverse is built based on real Earth data including all countries and regions, major cities and famous shopping centers in the world. Here, a virtual showroom will be built to recreate the exact location 100% compared to the location on the real map along with 3D models. Besides, the showroom’s 360 space will also be integrated into the 3D model to help users visit from the overview to the showroom details in a realistic way.

4. Bizeverse promotes showroom to reach international customers

Bizverse's 360 Space and vrMall platforms

Bizverse – The Metaverse for Business with the goal of supporting, building, promoting, and developing the contactless economy, and digital transformation with businesses on the Metaverse platform.

Bizeverse promises to offer a great media potential to promote real estate projects and business branding, in addition to engaging virtual reality 360 Space and VR360 experiences. Bizeverse has also formed partnerships with a number of major companies, including TOTO, Vietceramics, Solus, MrSimple, and others. Therefore, cooperation with Bizeverse will open up opportunities for business. Businesses can increase the level of promotion and diversify their access to the target customer group not only in Vietnam but around the world.