Dear Bizversers,

We announced our next vrUtility: “Fishing Gear” a couple of days ago. FISHING HUT AND BOAT will be 2 tools to be released on sales in this first period. Let’s roll into the details of how users are going to fish and what fishes will bring back to you guys. The details of the FISHING HUT & FISHING BOAT will be:




  • Fishing Hut: 25$. Total Supply: 8000 Huts
  • Fishing Boat: 99$. Total Supply: 8000 Boats
  • The total supply could be extended in the future for the supply with the DAO mechanism. 

Time & Affiliate:

  • Date: 09:00 a.m UTC 07th June, 2022
  • Where to buy: Bizverse NFT Marketplace
  • Fisherman will be given a referral code to invite friends to purchase Huts / Boats:
    • Referral code: your username: Example: huunnt,…
    • Every X Huts / Boats sold by invited users will grant users X% of the total revenue of Fishing Huts / Boats sold
    • Maximum referral rewards percentage will be scaled to 20% 
    • Reward claimed = X% * Total Huts sold * Price of Huts * + X% * Total Boats sold * Price of Boats

Example: If the total referral is 21 Huts + 25 Boats, A will get = 20% * 21 * 25$ + 20% * 25 * 99$ = 600$


  • FISHING HUT will be started on: Tuesday 09:00 a.m UTC, 14th June, 2022

(Fishing Boat will be started soon after the Fishing Hut feature begins)                                                                                          

  • The mode for the Fishing Hut will be Automatic mode, and you will need to put your fishing rod into the Hut in a plot of water area close to land to start fishing; Therefore, small fishes are more likely to appear, and large fishes are rarely caught.
    (The area of fishing to be put for Fishing Hut on will be planned by Bizverse
  • Fishing Boats will be in Manual mode, users have to go far away to deep-sea locations to fish, then fishing will be complied in an interaction in a Mini Fishing game – catching fishes manually. 

(The areas of fishing for the Fishing Boat are freely chosen by users, no planning)

  • Reward: Rewards are exchanged by fishes and spinning distributed in Wheel of Fortune, including: BIVE, VRA, USDT, vrLands, vrHomes, T-shirts, Hats.
    • In Particular, there is a small chance to receive a plus IDO Whitelist slot in the Wheel of Fortune.
    • Outside of rewards listed above, users could actually earn through Advertisement board in users’ NFTs 

See you guys in a couple of hours, let’s “fish some fishes”, Bizversers.