Amidst the new challenges of society, it is also a condition to open a new era for the event field, the invention and application of modern technology to the program through an upgraded and upgraded online environment. especially in the stage of staging. The event requires a smooth combination of images and content, conveying the right message to the audience, which is an important task for the program creator.

BizShow was founded on the intention to provide audiences with distinctive programs, as well as unique and versatile spectacular effects, resulting in more impressive experiences than ever before. Because of the supremacy of the “virtual stage – new generation,” they can appear on the same stage at any time. The following article goes through some of BizShow’s features.

1. Stage with available designs

Each program takes place at different times, has different purposes, targets different audiences, and will also have different thematic content. Therefore, event stage design is a job that always needs creativity. BizShow, the easier it is for users to initiate events with the appropriate and quality available designs. Professional team, with artistic vision with high aesthetic sense. We have created countless ready-made template designs tailored to each of your events and projects. help to make the show stage more beautiful and well-organized, giving the attendees a unique experience.

Stage with available designs

2. Impressive light and sound system

Currently using sound and light on the stage has been considered an art. The art of sound and stage lighting with the help of modern technologies has been doing wonders for viewers. For events, impressing and imprinting in the hearts of participants is a very important thing and the main goal. BizShow has a realistic sound and light system that brings a unique and impressive experience to viewers.

Sound is considered one of the most important points in a theatrical event that has a direct impact on event participants. With the help of modern stage sound equipment, experiencing the stage with good sound quality, clear, soaring and rich in sound with clarity will make a deep impression on the audience. join the event. Especially for musical theater events or musical repertoires, the sound equipment is even more important and decisive for the success or failure of the stage event.

The fanciful shimmer of colorful light makes a deep impression on viewers. Light has an effect on the emotions and moods of the participants. Even the spotlight has become a symbol that many people often talk about. BizShow stage lighting with the help of modern lighting equipment and projection technologies has become an art form.

Impressive light and sound system

3. MC interacts with the 3D space

The combination of real-world visuals and virtual data entirely separates the real and virtual worlds. With virtual images, you can make the actual visuals you’re seeing richer and more diverse. The presenter has complete control over how he or she interacts with virtual content in the real world, including the ability to touch, capture, and so on.

MC interacts with the 3D space

4. Host with remote speakers

Allows hosting on the same stage as distant speakers, ensuring an incredibly realistic appearance. BizShow not only widens the limit of interaction but also enhances the connection between attendees through built-in private spaces that can be seen by everyone and shared with anyone. that they want. The technologies and techniques used in 3D stage virtualization events can be mentioned as 3D stage technology, stage virtualization technology, and rotation angle, virtual led screen key technique on a virtual stage, independent content control, lighting techniques, and stage lighting control, anti-aliasing direct keying techniques, sound mixing and mixing techniques suitable for the event space.

Host with remote speakers

Businesses can also broaden their potential clients and open up a plethora of development prospects with BizShow – Virtual Event Studio.