Trade fair of economic integration trend

The trend of global economic integration plus increasingly fierce competition among businesses, every business needs to constantly improve product quality, improve technology innovation. In addition, building and promoting the brand is essential

Trade fairs are always an effective way to promote images as well as trade in general.

Businesses can set up their booths in trade fairs to help businesses directly introduce product information to a large number of customers, and also receive customer feedback through the exchange. Moreover, it also plays a pivotal role in helping to grow the business. This is also a good opportunity to research customer feedback.

In the ever-evolving Internet 4.0 era and the touchless economy, businesses should combine virtual reality technology (VR360) and 3D maps to easily connect with organizers and attendees. Expand your reach to larger customers, but also shorten the sales cycle, double the role of marketing channels, e-commerce platforms, and increase the number of leads. 

vrStore/vrBooth in BIZVERSE

Businesses that come to BIZVERSE will be able to set up shop in vrStore/vrBooth. VrStore/vrBooth is a combination of 3D and vr360 space housed in vrMall or vrExpo respectively, vrStore/vrBooth will be priced and/or leased by vrMall owners or vrExpo organizers (for BIZVERSE vrStore/vrBooth) or just rent it out (for vrBooth) to secondary businesses so that they can put their product and service information up for access, exchange, and purchase. At vrStore/vrBooth, business users are fully equipped with tools to introduce products, upload business introduction videos, and is a place for businesses to easily meet and exchange with customers through different channels. : chat, video call 1-1, 1-n; live stream sales, set work schedules, sign cooperation contracts,…

Experiencing the space of vr360 and 3D map will help customers immerse themselves in the exhibition space that is digitized to every detail, giving the feeling of being on a real tour. Coming to vrStore/vrBooth, customers can stay at home but still capture all product information, saving time.

Explore the virtual reality experience of VrBooth/vrStore in Bizverse

BIZVERSE is a Metaverse world with fully Digital Twin for your business and your life.

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