In less than a week, The “Al Rihla” ball will officially roll in Qatar to find the new global champion. Immersing that exciting atmosphere, Bizverse is launching a super hot event with the theme: “Kick off FIFA World Cup 2022 with Bizverse” from 16 to 20 November including billions of free gifts worth up to 20,000USDT (Total pool prize for the whole series World Cup event with Bizverse taking place from 16 Nov – 18 Dec).

At this “Kick off FIFA World Cup 2022 with Bizverse” event, You will have the opportunity to collect points early and be lucky to get many other valuable gifts such as APPLE WATCH, BIVE, VRA, USDT, VRHOME, VRLAND.

– Minigame event Time: November 16, 2022 – November 20, 2022

– Join here:

Let’s pocket important information to participate so that you don’t miss any gifts:

A. Bizers will complete daily tasks to collect points and use points to spin for gifts:

How to join:

– Step 1: User access and log in to the website (using a Bizverse account).

– Step 2: Do daily tasks to receive points (each task will receive a number of points).

The tasks include:


+ Check-in on Bizverse app ~ 50 Points

+ Write a post on Bizverse Social ~ 50 Points

+ Watch to earn on Bizverse app ~ 200 Points

+ Share a post on your social ~ 100 Points

+ Successfully invited 1 friend to join Bizverse ~ 100 Points

– Step 3: After completing the tasks, clicks Update task for the system to check and add points. (Completed tasks will have a green tick)

– Step 4: The user clicks the Spin Now button to get the prize drawing.

– Step 5: The system returns the prize (For BIVE, VRA will automatically add to the Gift wallet, GARENA SHELL will be sent to Email).

B. Participate in Predicting the Champion Team

How to join:


– Step 1: User access and log in to the website (using Bizverse account).


– Step 2: Users do tasks to earn points to participate in predicting the champion team. (same details above)


– Step 3: At the prediction of the champion team. User does:


+ Choose the team to win (from the drop-down list)


+ Enter the number of people with the same prediction result


– Step 4: The user clicks submit to send prediction results (each prediction will be deducted 50 points).


– Step 5: After having the results of the championship team. Bizverse will choose the person with the most correct (or approximate) prediction, the winner will win an attractive gift 1000 BIVE.


What are you waiting for? Join “Kick off FIFA World Cup 2022 with Bizverse”. Just immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the biggest football festival on the planet for FREE, support your favorite team to compete for the championship, and hunt for millions of free gifts.


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