⚡️During the process of Bizverse World Beta Version being released, Bizverse brings a contest, “Discovery Bizverse” to create a playground for users to create content and explore many features on Bizverse freely.

⚡️The contest is held on 2 platforms Tiktok and Youtube. You can freely create content for your journey of discovery with content related to Bizverse. such as: VrLand, Bizverse Social, Biverse 360 Space, 3D characters, …

⏰ Participation time: 0:00 UTC March 5th, 2022 – 23:59 UTC March 11th, 2022

📌 How to Join
1️⃣: Create a video on Tiktok (at least 20 seconds) or Youtube (from 3 minutes to 30 minutes)
2️⃣: Post a summary video title and hashtag #bizverse #discoverybizverse #metaverse
3️⃣: Share your video on Facebook or Twitter with caption, hashtag #Bizverse and tag your friends to join
4️⃣: Fill in the information form and link your contest video: Discovery Bizverse Form
Note: Only videos posted from March 5, 2022 are accepted

📌 Scoring Rules
✅ 40% score based on your share interaction
📍 View: 1 point/turn
📍 Comment: 1 point/time
📍 Reaction: 1 point/turn
📍 Post the video link on Bizverse Social: 10 points/time

✅ 60% from the organizers based on the content video and caption sharing your experience in Bizverse

🎁Awards: Includes 94 prizes (50%- youtube, 50%- tiktok) with a total value of up to 100,000 VRA and special opportunity to own 4 vrLands.
📍 4 First Prizes: 4 vrLands
📍 10 Second Prizes: 3000 VRA
📍 20 Third Prize: 1500 VRA
📍 50 Consolation prizes: 300 VRA
📍 4 Impressive Video Prize: 2500 VRA
📍 4 Funniest Video Prize: 2500 VRA
📍 1 Potential tiktoker prize: 2500 VRA
📍 1 Potential youtuber award: 2500 VRA

Discovery Bizverse
Discovery Bizverse

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Website: https://bizverse.io/
Join with our socials: https://linktr.ee/bizverse.world
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