💥 “Digital Classroom” is the optimal solution for Distance Education. Let’s learn and discover the difference between virtual classes and reality classes on the Bizverse E-Class.

👉 The system of comfortable facilities including tables, chairs, whiteboards, projection screens, … are arranged in suitable positions to create convenience when using.

👉 Classroom space is arranged in many different sections, students can choose their seats by holding down the Space key and clicking on that position.

👉 Other features such as expressing emotions, acting, writing, drawing, slideshow, … are fully integrated on the toolbar, making learning activities more convenient.

✨ Class members will interact through avatars to communicate with each other. You can chat with your friends and instructors thanks to assistive technology devices.

✨ The “Digital Classroom” on Metaverse is not only fully equipped with everything like a real-life classroom, it is also built with new features to help users have the best learning experience. Bizverse E-Class is constantly improving and enhancing utilities, with the aim of bringing practical values ​​to people, to the global knowledge community.

Bizverse E-Class
Bizverse E-Class

Join the product experience at: https://my360bizverse.world/FbvLX58/school