Bizverse World Beta Version officially launched the mobile app, as previously reported.
The app not only boasts a revolutionary interface, but it also has a slew of other features aimed at improving the user experience. Users will have a more convenient experience with our mobile app version, and will be able to access Bizverse World from anywhere, at any time.

After the standard time, officially launched the Bizverse World App version. The main functions of Bizverse World App in this version are as follows:

1. Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App

Bizverse creates digital replicas of real-world countries and cities. Users can come here to visit and explore the world of Bizverse. With numerous features integrated into the 3D Map platform to provide users with the most exciting experience possible.

Main functions:

  • Search and explore the world of Bizverse: with full Map tools (My location, Direction, Share, Zoom in/ Zoom out, Tilt Up/ Tilt Down, Rotate Left/ Rotate Right)
  • Visit countries and cities on Bizverse built like real life with realistic 3D models
The World 3D Map in Bizverse World
The World 3D Map in Bizverse World

2. Bizverse Social 

A Bizverse social networking site built on the SocialFi mechanism, with the goal of connecting everyone and a place to do business, exchange, buy & sell online, and Earn.

Main functions:

  • Create free and quick avatars using one of two options: Avatar 2D or Avatar 3D. This Avatar can be used to avatars or to join Bizverse’s Spaces.
  • Upload and share articles, photos, videos, etc.
  • Search, and connect with people all over the world.
  • Chat, interact with friends anytime, anywhere.
  • Create Pages, and Groups to help connect people together.
  • Online business by uploading products to Bizverse (MyProduct)
  • Earn VRA, through interaction on Bizverse Social (Create Post, like, share, comment) users will earn VRA from Bizverse.
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 2
Bizverse Social

3. Earn in Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App

In addition to earning VRA by interacting on Bizverse Social, the system creates a number of mechanisms that enable users to Earn more VRA. Specifically as follows:

  • Daily Check in to Earn VRA.
  • Game Center: Play appealing games from the Bizverse system across a wide range of genres. Simply satisfy users’ entertainment needs and have the opportunity to earn VRA from the system after winning times.
  • View ads to Earn: users view ads to Earn VRA.
  • Run to earn: users move in real life to receive VRA from the system.
  • Bizverse Gift Game: users participate in searching and collecting gifts from businesses on the Bizverse system (gifts can be VRA, business Gift cards, …)
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 3
Earn in Bizverse World

4. Space in Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App

Bizverse builds free shared spaces. Using Bizverse’s cutting-edge technology, users can access and experience 360 Space, organize meetings, and exchange information online.

Main functions:

  • View the list of Public Space and Featured Space.
  • Access to Space.
  • Invite friends to join.
  • Chat with fellow users in Space.
  • Share screen to present content.
  • Add 3D Models to Space.
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 4
Bizverse 360 Space

5. My 360 Space in Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App

Users can create Spaces in addition to Bizverse’s public Spaces

Main functions:

  • Access Space.
  • Create Space.
  • Invite friends to join.
  • Chat, and interact with people who have joined Space.
  • Share screen to present content.
  • Add 3D Models to Space.
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 5
Bizverse My 360 Space

6. Bizverse Meet

Bizverse Meet was created to make information exchange more convenient, to provide interesting experiences and to provide a sense of privacy and solemnity in meetings or meetings and chats.

Main functions:

  • Create a meeting quickly, for free, with no time limit.
  • The meeting room is highly secured and allows to record the meeting.
  • Chat and interact with participants (send messages, send files)
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 6
Bizverse Meet

7. Bizverse AR

Bizverse creates an AR tool that allows users to try out 3D products in real life. This is regarded as an effective decision-support tool for product purchases; users can now test the products before purchasing.

Main functions:

  • View products as AR (Bizverse AR, From Product Wishlist, From URL
Bizverse-World-Mobile-App 7
Bizverse AR

Bizverse World Beta Version Mobile App still has a lot of interesting features that we will be releasing in the near future. Bizverse would like to continue to listen to and receive all comments from all users to develop the most optimal Mobile App version. Follow our official information channels to stay up to date with the latest.

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