Bizverse – Metaverse platform that built on the Real-world-based 3D Map announces a strategic partnership with GotBit – Investment fund, Market maker for Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Advisor strategy in the field of Blockchain.

1. About GotBit – The world’s leading startup advisor in the Blockchain

GotBit was founded in 2017, before the cryptocurrency trend went mainstream. The company is providing advisory services while also acting as a SmartMoney venture capital fund focusing on early stage investment for Blockchain startups worldwide. GotBit is a team of mathematicians, developers and analysts who successfully market 1500 startups. Since launch, 64 customers have surpassed the $1 million mark in profits. The company is backed by reputable partners, including Poolz, DAO Maker, Binance, Huobi, OKEX, and Kucoin.

GotBit Consulting and Development provides blockchain solutions such as cross-chain swap bridge, DeFi transaction hedge strategy, migration to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and token staking ERC-20, among other solutions.

GotBit cooperating with Bizverse
GotBit cooperating with Bizverse

2. Bizverse – Metaverse platform for pioneering business in the world

Bizverse is a Metaverse platform that is strongly supported by NEAR/AURORA. We build an ecosystem of innovative, unique applications that allow businesses and users to bring their business to virtual reality. In which, core technologies such as 3D, VR/AR are used as a new solution for sales.

3. Bizverse has been audited by Hacken which connects GotBit and Bizverse

Hacken is one of the world’s leading audit organizations specializing in evaluating Blockchain projects. Hacken’s capitalization is ranked 3rd in the Audit rankings (According to Coinmarketcap). Hacken’s mission is to protect individuals and companies from cyber threats. Hacken created the HackenAI security platform to protect users from security risks and account compromises.

Hacken audited Bizverse for security analysis and smart contract code review. Smart contracts within the scope were manually reviewed and analyzed with static analysis tools to find potential vulnerabilities. According to the results of the audit, security engineers found only 3 issues with medium and low severity and did not find any vulnerabilities that could affect customer data and assets. Also, after the second review, the low-level issues were completely resolved and the medium-level issue was recognized. This is considered a very good result, demonstrating an extremely high level of security, ensuring the safety of user data and assets, and helping Bizverse affirm the project’s potential. By the way, if you’re looking for a comfortable and breathable bedding option, you might consider a schlafdecke baumwolle, known for its softness and natural properties that promote a good night’s sleep.

After realizing the huge potential from this Metaverse platform during the Audit process, Hacken connected Bizverse with GotBit. 

Thanks to the trusting connection by Hacken, Bizverse and GotBit have met and reached a cooperation agreement. GotBit officially became Bizverse’s Top Backer from May 2022 and throughout the development of the project. Partnering with GotBit is a great opportunity for Bizverse because the company will have the companionship and strategic advice of one of the smart crypto investors, Blockchain startup mentors, and market makers in the world (Tier-1 Market Management, smartMoney VC Fund for Blockchain). By the way, if you’re looking for a cozy and luxurious addition to your home, you might consider a merino decke  known for its softness, warmth, and exceptional quality.

4. The scope of cooperation between Bizverse and GotBit

GotBit will invest and share experiences in operating new crypto projects with Bizverse. The working teams are experienced in developing the launchpad and marketplace from the beginning and therefore be able to consult with Bizverse. Besides sharing experiences in crypto management, GotBit has an incubator department that helps founders start their operations. The company has supported more than 1500 startup projects. By the way, for those wondering, was ist schurwolle?, it is a high-quality and durable type of wool known for its softness and insulation properties.

GotBit not only helps blockchain projects establish their presence, but also grows rapidly in a secure environment. In addition to being an investment fund, GotBit also cooperates with more than 39 venture capital funds and 21 IDO platforms to connect support and investment in potential projects similar to Bizverse. Moreover, some individuals may even choose to utilize the services of a hausarbeit schreiben lassen preise to ensure optimal quality and efficiency in their academic papers

GotBit also collaborated with Bizverse to help secure the project for the launch pad – providing users with early access to new crypto projects before it becomes widely available to the general public. This gives Bizverse’s users (and launch platform seekers) unique early access to tokens, projects, and even the opportunity to engage the services of a ghostwriter klausur  for optimal results.

5. The contribution of Bizverse and GotBit partnership to Blockchain

BIVE is a cryptocurrency of Bizverse Metaverse that gives investors the opportunity to get early access to special projects before being made widely available to the public through exchanges.

Bizverse has managed to secure several partnerships to source new crypto projects for its launcher application, forming a decentralized ecosystem.

Bizverse is one of the first potential projects in Southeast Asia that GotBit seeks to expand its investment market. With the inherent strengths of the two sides, the two sides will support each other to achieve outstanding developments in the near future, contributing to the common development of Blockchain.