Metaverse is not just a hot topic in the tech world right now. Everyone seems to be catching on to this trend. In fact, Google Metaverse keyword searches return over 99 million results. More and more businesses realize the potential of Metaverse. What changes will it bring to businesses as a result of the ever-expanding Metaverse wave?

5 Ways Metaverse Promotes Business
5 Ways Metaverse Promotes Business

1. Improving customer service and satisfaction

The Metaverse enables businesses to provide customer support in the most efficient, quick, and easy manner possible. A resort, for example, might list its hotel rooms as NFT assets on the Metaverse. Tourists will be able to explore their accommodation as lifelike as possible, with authentic information, photographs, and services displayed. As a result, the hotel can improve client satisfaction in areas like check-in.

Companies can also provide potential customers with a variety of shopping options. Automobile manufacturers, for example, provide augmented reality test-drive programs prior to purchase.

2. Sales and Marketing

Metaverse promotes Sales and Marketing
Metaverse promotes Sales and Marketing

The massive transformation and development of many of the world’s leading brands into Metaverse is a testament to the future of Metaverse Marketing. Metaverse shifts away from traditional advertising and towards creating more immersive and continuous brand interactions for customers.

Instead of spending too much money to implement a 4P Marketing campaign such as renting locations, products, prices, distribution and promotions, etc. When businesses only reach a certain limit, Metaverse Marketing helps users learn and access products more easily instead of just directly trying to sell them a product.

3. Create new markets to reach potential customers

As customers gradually change their habits and are more interested in online shopping, businesses also see the importance of digital transformation. Online shopping is especially popular among GenZs and Millennials who love technology and innovation. Metaverse is predicted to become an explosive technology trend in the next 10 years, more important than Smartphone. When the number of users participating in Metaverse is increasing, this will be a potential market for businesses to access and distribute products and services to customers.

4. Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences in Metaverse
Events and Conferences in Metaverse

Metaverse is the key to creating attractiveness for large conferences and exhibitions. As technologies mature, millions of users can see, interact, and be immersed in the virtual world. At the same time, Metaverse will remove the physical constraints that exist in the real world. Now all users around the world can join the same event. Through the application of virtual stage technology, VR/AR, businesses can easily have an event venue with as many meeting rooms and stages as they want.

5. Workforce Training

An important application of Metaverse in the area of ​​skill development. Instead of summoning employees and training them through the use of actual machines, they can now practice it even while sitting in a meeting room. Employees can use virtual environments to simulate an accident, emergency, and more effectively train safety responses.

We can’t imagine exactly what the Metaverse will look like ten years from now. However, we have the right to believe that this will be a trend that will bring many outstanding applications. As Metaverse matures, business use cases and applications will also become more mature.