The global pandemic has now entered its third year, forcing us to change the way we think about connectivity, experiences, collaboration, and business. In a way, this isn’t easy. However, many experts predict that many businesses will have major reforms with the appearance and explosion of Metaverse. So how do leaders know how to approach the Metaverse?

5 ways for leaders to approach the world of Metaverse
5 ways for leaders to approach the world of Metaverse

1. Technology tracking

To make the metaverse experience more vivid, companies are using cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D reconstruction, and artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to support the 3D world. In recent years, these are popular technologies, but not any companies can catch up with these trends to apply to their business model.

Leaders need to be constantly learning and responsive to technology, ready to integrate them.

2. Focusing on 2D applications is the bridge to the future Metaverse

Focusing on 2D applications is the bridge to the future Metaverse
Focusing on 2D applications is the bridge to the future Metaverse

Metaverse will present an unprecedented opportunity for modern business since the advent of the Internet. It marks the next evolution of digital platforms and is the successor of today’s mobile Internet.

Although some future prospects have been initially revealed, we understand that 2D applications will still be the main way to experience the Metaverse in the short term. This means that existing business owners need to focus on the skills that will help grow their business on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. These skills will be the cornerstones of helping their business grow in the new world, future metaverse world.

3. Determine the value of the Metaverse channel

Metaverse will be a new channel for brands. This is a channel with huge potential and profits. However, to take full advantage of this virtual universe needs a clear strategy to thrive within. Brands can start thinking now about their customer experience in the Metaverse.

How will your customers get the best, most seamless experience in the Metaverse? How to provide the best customer experience? What are the risks of not providing that experience? How well are your existing channels set to transition to the Metaverse? These are the questions businesses need to think about right now. To join Metaverse is not an easy thing, it requires great resources. Therefore, leaders need to determine how the value of the Metaverse channel contributes to the business.

4. Interaction planning

Everyone will want to be immersed in the Metaverse. It would be a world away from the transactional intent of websites as we know them today, creating more interactive, two-way experiences.

Brands can totally plan for this. In fact, they did so through things like conversational marketing and conversational commerce. Marketing and vending channels are becoming more driven by two-way conversation (with personality, charm, and charisma). Some come through human interaction, and the rest come from the growing more sophisticated conversational AI.

Regardless of the use case, the value of the conversation remains the same. Create interactivity instead of just Web 2.0’s cold deals because Web 3.0 will be purpose-built for that.

5. Consider what your brand looks and sounds like?

The Metaverse boom is predicted to be the inevitable future of the Internet, causing many to expect the experiences it brings. So how will we interact in the Metaverse? No one can answer for sure, but the answer is not “the same way we interact with websites and mobile experiences today”.

People wouldn’t sit in the Metaverse – a world capable of being filled with light, color, and bright life – and read a web page. They will want to experience brands in a way that also feels natural to real life.

With new technological initiatives and social platforms come new branding opportunities. This is the perfect time to take a long, hard look at your visual brand.

One of the exciting things about the idea of ​​the Metaverse is its focus on connection. And to connect well, you have to stand out, which is a great time to consider rebranding to reflect that value. Whether you just need to update your existing images or create a logo with software entirely from scratch. A sincere recommendation is that you use a brand identity guide for your company logo before we go any further on the metaverse initiative.