Greeting Bizers 👋


Kick off your November with the hottest event… Get ready to join in the TOP CHAT CONTEST with Bizverse y’all!


Here’s the super attractive reward pool:

🎁 Total Reward: The top 5 active members will receive 150$ in BIVE tokens. 


✍️ Time: From November 1st to November 15th,2022


From now on, we’ll carefully select the top 5 most active members based on the following rules:


📍 Active in the global Bizverse chat group, where sentence characters ranging from 12 to 30 are required (CREATIVE STICKERS ALLOWED)

📍 Discuss issues concerning Bizverse without NO SPAM LINKS/ MESSAGES.

📍 Interact with other Bizers to make the conversation more interesting.




We will sum up the total valid messages from the Bizverse group chat to find a list of the 5 most energetic winners.


Hope all of you guys have a great time and enjoy the event. Let’s Chat and Earn with Bizverse! ❤️



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