Continuing Bizverse’s activities at TTC Labs in the Meta 4th accelerator program, On November 2, 2022, the Bizverse team participated in the 2nd Design Jam, which focused on data privacy and user consent. ✍️


The workshop was attended by members from TTC Labs, staff from Meta, researchers from NUS lab, and the Bizverse team.


Bizverse is delighted to share the highlights of this second workshop with the community.


Coming to this workshop, Bizverse presented the ideation process, as well as the opportunities and challenges in the project-building process


Along with many other technology startups, Bizerse has discussed and made positive contributions related to data, privacy, transparency, and co-design….for the metaverse. 🌕


It can be said that this is one of the huge opportunities for Bizverse to connect, discuss and learn how the world is applying Innovation Principles to research and the development of new technologies for the near future. ✈️


Looking forward to Bizverse’s journey in the 3rd Design Jam in March 2023!! 🚀




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