Hold on to your seats and get ready for the new update that is coming soon.🆙


Bizverse will be introduced to an app mobile referral feature with exciting rewards.😱


As a result, the following rewards will be added to the “Gift wallet”:🎁

  • Inviter: get 3 BIVE and 10 VRA.
  • Invitees: get 1 BIVE and 10 VRA.


 🔥 However, there are some minor requirements for this program!

– Invitees: 

    + Successful account login.

    + Google Authenticator for KYC.

    + Make at least one post on Bizverse Social.


 – Inviter:

    + There is no need to validate Google Authenticator.

    + Invite a maximum of 10 users in one day.


🌟 Please keep in mind:

– The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 $BIVE.

– When your Gift wallet balance reaches 90 $BIVE, you must withdraw to the funding wallet; otherwise, it will not be added.

– For those who have $BIVE in their wallet, continue to add normally, not counting the $BIVE number already in the wallet.


👉 Here’s how to do it step by step:

– Inviter :

Step 1: Login > Select “Earn” scrolling down to “Other rewards” you will find the function “Invite Friend”.

Step 2: Copy the code or the link and send it to your friends.


– Invitees:

Step 1: Download Bizverse app:
👉IOS: https://is.gd/hfSnp6
👉Android: https://is.gd/wISdgJ
Step 2: Create an account using the link or code.
Step 3: KYC by google authenticator.
Step 4: Share your first post on Bizverse Social.


Can’t wait? Neither can we. Let’s JOIN RIGHT NOW, Bizers 😁


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