The clock is ticking, and the new week has arrived! ⏰

👉 Please take a look at this week’s list of winners below:

Top 1: @tientoan42 – 350 $BIVE 

Top 2: @mdrana355341 – 260 $BIVE

Top 3: @manlikerubio – 260 $BIVE

Top 4: @LinLy08 – 175 $BIVE

Top 5: @tuphuong18 – 175 $BIVE

Congratulations & many thanks to all lucky winners who took their precious time to participate in this event and have accompanied Bizverse so far. 🎉

📌 Note that: The outcomes will be based on COMBOT statistics. The rewards will be aggregated and distributed to the winners in the middle of the month🌟

✅ Please double-check your name and confirm again with our admin @B7tuananh within 24 hours of this post.

How to join the Weekly Top chat event: Here 

 For those who missed this opportunity, the event is still happening until the end of December. Let’s come to Chat and earn with Bizverse World.

Stay tuned for the upcoming journeys!


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